Has Dexcom changed the applicators?

I use Dexcom G6 and unfortunately after using it for a couple months I started getting rashes (bizarrely, only underneath where the transmitter sits, not underneath the adhesive around the edge).

Firing the sensor through a Tough Pad (called a Compeed here in the UK) solved this problem for me. However, the last 3 sensors have not fired through the Tough Pad and instead the applicator gets stuck on me and I have to rip it off my skin (and the sensor is then wasted!).

I am wondering if anyone knows if Dexcom has recently changed/updated the applicator (maybe it’s less powerful / forceful?) or maybe the Tough Pads have got thicker?
I’ve tried using Tegaderm underneath instead and whilst the sensor does fire through that I still get the rash. Tough Pads seemed my only solution!

Have you tried Smith & nephew skin prep for sensitive skin?

I was allergic to the new G6 adhesive pad so I inject through an oval of opsite flixifix it’s nice and thin and works great.

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