Has Dexcom's customer service gone to heck? Or worse?


If you need replacement sensors, here’s a good trick…WAIT until you have 2 fail. Then call. The last guy I did that with gave me a box of 3 that had no backorder while the singles were on back order for 2-4 WEEKS! Didn’t even have to ask.


I had my Dexcom for 2 months and 5 days !
January 21st 2018 I was in contact with Dexcom to get the G5 everything was getting started 2 weeks later I called Dexcom They said the chart notes from the were incorrect I called the Dr and was told the chart notes were correct and call after call to Dexcom this went on until July 24th I was told that they had the correct chart notes and I received the G5 July 27th and August 29 5 sensors were shipped to me without a problem. September 24th I received a email to verify my info and I did later that day I got a a email that the order was processing and shipping date was September 24th . Tuesday October 2nd I logged into my Dexcom Account the status on the order was unchanged I called Dexcom I was told the chart notes were expired and the chart they received from my PCP were incorrect and they also received the chart notes from my Endo and they were incorrect according to Dexcom I asked Dexcom why was the chart notes were expired from July 24th to September 24th Dexcom advised me that the chart notes were from March 3rd I asked Dexcom why was the G5 not shipped on March 3rd instead of July 24th Dexcom could not answer the question because they did not know. I told Dexcom to cancel the order and close out my account because I’m not going to wait 6 months or longer to get the sensors. I called Medtronic Thursday about the Minimed 630g Insulin Pump I will get a call from the Medtronic rep Monday.


Had a bad G5 sensor yesterday (Friday). Second one in a year (that’s a good thing). Time on hold was a decent 5-6 minutes around 4PM. I was prepared for a 1/2 hour wait. :slight_smile:


Unexpectedly I received a call from my insurance’s DME claims processor asking if I had received my order. Order for what I ask? They tell me they sent the authorization to US Med for the Dexcom 5 CGM.

Called US Med this morning, got punted around a bit, and was told they received the authorization and all they needed was the doctor’s order form! I convinced them to send it directly to me because I have an appointment on Monday and will have her fill it out.

For those of you following…I started this with Dexcom directly in July.

Fingers crossed!