DexCom poor customer service

On Wednesday my DexCom G5 sensor and transmitter both failed. After an extensive communication with one of the DexCom reps it was determined that they were at fault and she said that replacement ones would be overnighted to me. On Friday, still have not received anything, but did get an email that it would be delivered on Monday. I called to express my dissatisfaction with this since I will now be without my sensor for 5 days and she had promised overnight delivery. I got the run-around, after waiting extensively to even get to talk to someone, the DexCom rep explained that their contract with Fed Ex is only for expedited or regular service - not overnight. Very unhappy!!!

@kristi2. I’m not sure what you were told re shippng is entirely accurate. I have had replacement sensors and transmitters shipped overnight from Dexcom.

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Fedex is a horror story - I will not deal with anyone using them - they could care less when or where they leave a package - how they stay in business escapes me.

That’s very interesting. Thanks for telling me.

I don’t think fedex is to blame here. Dexcom didn’t even ship it till today (Friday).

Dexcom customer service has been a nightmare for me. I last tried to place an order in May and still haven’t received it at this point. They’ve done everything from trying to use the wrong credit card information, to giving Fedex the wrong address, to hanging up on me after bouncing me around the office for over an hour. It’s gotten to the point where they’ve comped the same amount of items as I was originally trying to order while they try to figure everything out on their end. That’s great, but honestly not worth the amount of time I’ve spent trying to get this figured out. Throughout all of this, they have never once contacted me to let me know something was wrong. I’ve constantly had to reach out to them to let them know that it has been MONTHS and I still haven’t received my order. It’s insane. I don’t trust them with anything. They most recently told me they would pass this message along to a manager who would reach out to me within 24 hours, no surprise that a manager NEVER called.

A bit more than two years ago, my wife and I applied for Dexcom G5 equipment the moment we heard about the Medicare coverage. After a few months (due to the huge backlog of requests), we began receiving our G5 products and rarely has there been a hiccup with receiving our monthly supplies. I don’t know what that standard of service isn’t provided to everyone else, and I feel bad for all of you who are experiencing lengthy delays. I wish I knew what the solution was to have you all get your supplies “like clockwork”.

I battled with them last week. I haven’t received my reorder emails since late last year. I get 90 days of supplies every 3 months. I called Dexcom, spoken with customer service in the Philippines. They informed me they needed to update my insurance and it would take 7-10 days. I responded by saying that is a load of BS, they verified my insurance in January and it took them 2 and a half months to do it. They repeatedly told me they screwed up but couldn’t fix it right away. I got lucky this time and was transferred to a very nice lady who is in charge of the ordering department. She got everything sorted out and even got my email notifications to work again. I’m counting this one as a win, but they still have major problems minus the 2 hour hold times.