Dexcom customer service

So i recently and carelessly ran out of sensors, I called Dexcom on the seventh, a Saturday and re ordered. after a week and no sensors I called on Monday and was assured they would be sent right away. I also asked to talk to a supervisor and he called me back and listened to me for a while and I was again assured that this would be taken care of.
Anyway after talking to a total of four people I have been promised they would be sent overnight, since Saturdays are not guaranteed I expect them on Monday the 23rd.
I have always had great service with them with the exception of my last two orders.
Is this just me, or have any of you had similar problems?
Could it be because of the new G-5 and they are devoting all resources to that?
Just curious if I am the only one.

I think I am having the same problem. On Tuesday I phoned & ordered sensors, in the past they have always shipped on the same day. But I have yet to receive a notification of shipment email & when I look at my Dexcom account online the order doesn’t show up. I tried using the website to order but all it said was that it couldn’t find insurance information. I;m on Medicare & pay for the sensors directly so of course there is no insurance info. As you said everything seems to be about G5. I’m going to phone customer support later.

Are you both calling Dexcom directly or a supplier? Which one? I have had similar trouble with Liberty Medical but was told a ‘trick’ to use last time I complained, for the 5th time.

I am calling them direct, they are in San Diego and I live in the SD area, I have always called them direct.

I have to use a supply company. I ordered my sensors on 10/30. On 11/9 they had not shipped so I called the supply company. I was told they were having problems filling orders because of the demand with the new G5. Was assured they would ship that day. They didn’t ship until 11/11.

I should know this but does the G5 use a different kind/size sensor than the G4? Mine is G4. Thanks.

I gave up after a month. Due for a new system mid-December & I really hope it gets processed before the end of the year.

Their website says they may be shipping the G5 in December. It seems like they are trying to get the orders for the G5 filled earlier and it is using all of their resources.


And longtime users who aren’t interested in the G5 fall by the wayside.

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Just ordered aa new g4 transmitter on Tuesday. Received on Friday via FedEx. No issues.

G4 and G5 use the same sensor.

I order direct from Dexcom, as insurance isn’t paying it is more direct. Also the new sales web site wont let me order, Good to hear that your transmitter shipped promptly. My 1st transmitter is 11 months old & I hope a replacement ships promptly when I need it.

I inquired about dexcom and was told that Medicare does not cover the enormous cost, and that my supplementary secondary insurance will therefore not cover it either. What is the story on insurance coverage for Dexcom?

I got my sensors early this Saturday morning, only took 2weeks and talking to 5 different people,
The folks were all civil and friendly they were just unconcerned about my sensors.

Most secondary insurance does not cover cgm but does cover whatever Medicare does not cover for insulin pumps and supplies. It may or may not have copay requirements.
I worked for the federal government long enough to keep my BCBS as secondary and it does pay for my cgm. It is not fair, but it is the system now. Some groups are fighting to get Medicare to cover cgms for all who need them.

Wow, I kept my FEP BCBS as secondary too, so I will inquire and see if I can get it covered as you have… Thanks for your response!

no. the G5 uses the exact same sensors as the G4s. no worries.

over the past year that i have had to deal w/ dexcom customer support, i have never had a single problem. they have been curtious listeners, very helpful and did exactly what they promised to do. totally reliable. i was a satisfied customer.

but then, i graduated to the G5. i had many questions despite reading the new direction manual several times over. when i called tech support, each representative was like an idiot. they didn’t seem to have a clue as to how to guide me through setting up my new G5. all they could tell me was that i could continue using my same (G4) sensors. thanks a lot, you A-hole dingbat.

so, i wrote a brief letter to their customer service department explaining my dissatisfaction with my experience and pointed out that in the past i had never had one single problem with them. what’s going on? i was given a whole hearted apology and all the direction and guidance i was seeking. the managing support agent i spoke with spent an hour on the phone with me. he was truly unbelievable.
and he explained that dexcom was having some difficulty with training tech support on the new G5. that they were flooded with requests for the G5 and equally as flooded w/ required help (as the G5s were compatible w/ the Apple iPhone, but needed to be set up properly)

good luck to everyone.

I’m glad you got the support you needed. I’m hoping to stick with the G4 for a while, because I like the integration with the Vibe. We’ll see down the road.

On my 3rd transmitter and finally know what the ‘Low Battery’ warning looks like. This one is within a week of 10 months of use. 1st 2, the Tech Supports had me replace the transmitters, I think because they fail to find reason for 3 hour ???s occurring 1, 2 & 3 times each month. Easy for them to suggest transmitter replace after the 6 month warrantee.