Has your sleep cycle changed since dx?

I was diagnosed with type 1 December 2010. Ever since then, I have had the darnedest time staying asleep at night. I basically suffer from
Insomnia. This happens regardless of whether my BS is low, in range or high. Sometimes I wonder if it is just a psychological reaction, a safety precaution that I am subconsciously taking to insure that i stay alive until the morning comes. It’s driving me crazy though!

Has anyone else, diagnosed later in life (at least recently enough that they can remember their sleep patterns) had issues of this nature? If so, any tips?


I'd always been a heavy sleeper at night until I got sick.. in the months before diagnosis, I couldn't sleep hardly at all at night and would get wicked leg cramps so bad I'd have to get up and walk around (have since discovered it was probably all the fluids I was drinking in a day)..

Almost immediately I was able to sleep better and am back to sleeping like a rock at night.

I know that doesn't help much, but maybe it's anxiety? Sometimes now I'll wake up on my own in the middle of the night and have a moment of panic where I feel I need to check my sugar. IT's been fine though.

Yes, yes, yes...I have had Insomnia from the very beginning. Just before I started pump therapy I would just take little cat naps all night in my easy chair and this went on for about two years. My pump tamed my DP and my night time BG is predictable as long as I don't make some kind of mistake before bedtime. My CGM is what keeps me up now and my wife hates it even though she understands how much it has helped me, she just sleeps in a different room most nights there is just no telling when there is going to be a alarm. I have used sleeping pills, even PROZAC® and EFFEXOR XR® but nothing really worked. Over time I found the best thing to do is turn off the TV, lights, computer and just go to bead...no one gets enough sleep technology is the real enemy.

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