Has Your Total Daily Units of Insulin Gone Done Since Using CGMS?

I’m on my 2nd (and a half) days of wearing good ol’ Dex. Dex has really spotted a lot of lows (I didn’t know I had so many).

Anywho, I was noticing that I’m taking less insulin due to seeing what the trend is going on with my body. For example, when I have a low (and after checking with glucometer to make sure numbers are somewhat similar) I have been taking less of an amount of sugar to bring myself up (instead of using my Tang - I’m trying to do the green apple glucose tablets). After taking 2 (and not 6 etc., etc.) I watch good ol’ Dex to see what’s going on with my body. I didn’t realize how much Hubby and I normally panic and overdose with sugar - which gets me on a roller coaster every once in a while.

Just wondering if Dex has helped you need less insulin?

Yes! Same here!

Been a Dexcom Seven Plus user for almost a month, and have definitely lowered the amount of insulin, particularly the dinner shot. Being able to see the evolution of the BG curve has also made me take some small amounts of Lispro every now and then, should my BG level climb too fast or pass my set limit. I now am using 70 and 160 as limits, but given how things are going I might as well lower the high limit to 140.

Still learning, it’s fascinating and I am sure that my body is very thankful! Looking forward to my next blood check next month!

Ciao, Luca

Good Luck on your next Hemoglobin A1c check. Sounds like you are doing great!

It would be interesting to hear from you what your A1c was prior to Dex and what your A1c is after Dex.

Again Congrats.