Addicted to my new DEXCOM CGM

about four months ago i started on my CGM. i have become completely
obsessed with my BG #s am pressing that darn button every 15 - 20 minutes to see the changes in my sugars. before i got the Dexcom, my A1c was coming down from 8.9 to the 7s. then, after months of restricting my diet (i need to count carbs for protein) (weird, eh?), my A1c came down to 6.5. Oh! I was in Heaven!!!!! so, long story short, i have gotten addicted to checking over and over on my Dexcom to watch the "trends" of my BG. i am striving to continue to lower my A1c.(or at least keep it in the 6s.

as a new-comer to this CGM, i was wondering if others share this crazy behavior, AND if old-timers have gotten over this problem. PLEASE respond!!!!. i feel miserable.

Thanksto everyone,
Daisy Mae

congrats!!!! I love my Dexcom and can't wait until the G5 sensor comes out so I can see my blood sugar on my iPhone/Apple Watch. I've been using Dex for years and I still check mine constantly. It's a wonderful tool for diabetics.

I've just had a Dexcom on loan for a month. Just ordered my own this week, but I'll be a week or so with nothing in between, and I am not looking forward to it. I was checking at least hafl an hour (and also overnight if I happened to wake up while turning over or something) and I think I'll be testing a LOT this next week to try and continue working on progress I started. I'm hoping to get my A1c to 6.5% or so as well.

my husband thinks i am a total nut job while he watches me press that little middle button every ten minutes. i am just facinated by the "trends" and am obsessed with keeping my BSs in between the "High/Low" lines (80 - 180) my last A1c was 6.5 and i would LOVE to bring it down to 6. BUT i realize i cannot maintain this feverish checking obsession. its making me crazy.

thanks sooo much for your reply

Definitely! Am always checking the numbers.....It is making me almost obsessive compulsive. The last time I was on a Dexcom I was the same way - but at least the G4 is accurate....

Congratulations, that is great progress in a short amount of time. I got Dex in November 2012. The first few months I was obsessed with checking it constantly. I'm surprised that button didn't fall off with all the pressing. Now as a "veteran" user I probably push the button every couple of hours. I can pretty much gauge what my blood sugar is by how I am feeling. Most of the time I am really close. It has caught some lows especially at night which is one of the main reasons I got it in the first place. But I would give up my pump before Dex.

I check mine all the time, too. That's why we have them, no? I get really nervous every time I have to change out a sensor and usually, for that reason, wear mine longer then I should. I'll never give up my dexcom, I LOVE IT!

Welcome to the G4OCD club. We're happy to have you!

You will learn things from doing that. Its good for 'ya. You can see something that you couldn't see before. Its interesting to play with. Keep on!