Hashimotos and type 1

Do any of you have type 1 and hashimotos hypothyroidism? I don’t know anyone with both hashimotos and type 1 that’s around my age. It seems like hashimotos isn’t common in younger people.

My T1 daughter has Hashimotos and was diagnosed at age 7 with both. Hashimotos runs in the family but not T1. Haven't run across anyone else around her age with both yet.

I do. Check out the Hypothyroid Group here. You'll meet many others, even if they're not your age.

For me hashimotos is way harder to deal with and has a lot more symptoms than diabetes.

Hi Tony! I was dx'd with T1 at 15 yrs old and hashimoto's at age 22.


Agree that Hashimoto's is much harder to deal with. Check out www.stopthethyroidmadness.com. Great info.

I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism just a couple years after I was diagnosed with T1.

I'm no longer young like you (in the picture my hair might look black but believe me, it's actually quite grey!), but back when I was diagnosed I was young, way younger than you are right now :-)

Even more "in the minority" is that both you and I are male. It seems that even for T1's that the vast majority of hypothyroids are in women.

Ya I was diagnosed with hashimotos a year after I was diagnosed with type 1. I got diabetes when I was 12 and hashimotos when I was 13. I agree it feels like there aren’t very many males with hypothyroidism.

I was diagnoes with Hasimoto's in my early 30s. Type 1.5 diagnosis when I was 39. Also a male so in the minority for Hasimoto's. Got my mom's genes there I guess.

Ya I feel like Im screwed, Im already having really bad symptoms from both diseases. I usually ignore my symptoms and push through the pain but its catching up to me. I feel like Im not going to last much longer.

My parents are getting really stressed and mad at me because I cant manage my diseases and Im having a lot of bad symptoms. Im trying the best I can but my parents think Im not trying. Its so frustrating.

I hear you. The struggles with Hashimoto's are more than enough without T1 on top of it. Hard to control BG being hypothyroid. They're so frustratingly inter-related. I feel exhausted a lof of the time from thyroid problems & it's hair pulling to get doses right. Not like we can whip out a meter to check. I was hypothyroid for years & no doctor took my symptoms seriously. Stil don't have a doc who understands how to treat Hashimoto's appropriately.

Really sorry your parents aren't supportive. That hurts--a lot. Until someone's walked a mile in our shoes, they can't understand. But, wrong that they get angry.

Hi Tony,

Thanks for posting your difficulties! It can be so frustrating! But you are not alone!

Are you currently having hypo thyroid symptoms, or hyper thyroid symptoms (possibly from overmedication)?

Best wishes,


I was diagnosed with hashimotos when I was 23, however I think I had it before then. Now the endocrinologist I went to took blood samples and is predicting type 1 diabetes in my future. My grandmother developed type 1 at age 29. I wish I had more information for you. I have found t3 and t4 medications taken when I wake up and then again in late afternoon works best for me.

for those type 1's who have been Dx with both (so sorry!)...where you having symptoms of hashimotos and that's how you were diagnosed? if so..what are or were they. crap, now i'm concerned i'm gonna get it too...ugh! it does seem it's more prevelant in women. thanks!

The links below all have good info.





I just wrote about Hashimoto's on another discussion, but yes, most of the stuff I've read about Hashimoto's says it's most commonly diagnosed in women over the age of 50. You don't fit either category!!

When I was a child, my mother, who trained as an RN, suspected that I had hypothyroidism, but there were no tests sensitive enough to pick it up, so I went untreated. When I was about 31, a doc told me my thyroid was enlarged, but didn't do anything about it. So I just went on, being a "low-energy person", and cold all the time, and finally even *I* could tell that my gland was enlarged, and I have some pictures that show it noticeably. Eventually, when I was about 45, I was sent to an endocrinologist because of my diabetes, and he did antibody testing, and lo and behold, I was positive for antibodies. So it SOUNDS like I was diagnosed at "old lady" age, but I actually had it for a long time.

So the story is that if you have one autoimmune disease, you are more likely to develop others. And age is certainly no criterion. Hang in there, kiddo -- at least you KNOW you have it, and don't have to suffer in silence like I did!