Hashimotos/Type 1 diabetic

I too have hashimotos and type 1 diabetes. It has been a struggle. Diagnosed with type 1 in October 1998, rapid and significant weight loss…35 lbs lost in 2 weeks, plus many, many more symptoms. In 2007, I suddenly gained 40 lbs in just under 2 months, and boy was I tired all the time. Also, the ends of my eyebrows seemed to be fading away. Apparently, the eyebrow thing was what tipped my physicians assistant to the diagnosis of hashimotos. These two diseases together are a definite struggle. I have also noticed that as I get older, now 42, it is more difficult.
Would love to talk with someone else though that can relate.

i was diagnosed as type 1.5 last april, then hashimotos in july. i know what you’re going through! despite 2-3 hours of workouts a day, i can’t drop an ounce of weight! i would like to lose about 20 pounds (i already lost about 90 pounds very slowly, not related to diabetes). i’m 49 and it’s been a rough road. but i must say that after 4 different doctors, i was finally able to get the right medication and have more energy than i’ve had in a long time! please don’t give up hope and be persistent with your doctors. i was on levothyroxine when first diabnosed, and it did nothing for me. that’s when i did some research and discovered the “stop the thyroid madness” website. i kept trying to find a dr that would treat me based on this protocol; namely, Armour thryoid medication. at first, my primary dr was willing to prescribe it, but only until my TSH was in range. but TSH doesn’t matter when youre on armour; its your free t4 and t3. he wouldn’t increase my dosage, so that’s when i went on a search for a dr that would. i’ve now been on what i think is the correct dosage for about 3 months, and it’s made a 100% difference in my life! i encourage you to do some research and find a dr that will treat you based on your SYMPTOMS, not on a blood test. read up on armour thyroid and see if it’s something you’d like to try. even if that’s what you’re on right now, you may not be on the right dosage, or you may have adrenal problems which are inhibiting the armour from working. i’m happy to answer any questions you may have. good luck, and don’t give up hope!

Thank you for the good information. I will talk with my doctor about the Armour. This is the first I’m hearing of it, and I do keep telling my doc that while, my tests show I am now in “range” for “good” health of my thyroid, my symptoms are NOT matching up. Makes me a little crazy with --well, if the blood tests say you’re in “range” than everything should be fine, so if you’re still experiencing lethargy and the like, then it’s probably just in your head. My doc has never really eluded to the “it’s probably in your head” --I do get the feeling of it because we just stick with the same regimen. Grrrr, oh, and, Ugh!


I have been a type 1 diabetic for 25 years now, and was diagnosed with an underactive thyroid about 13 years ago. Then last year I was diagnosed with Hashimotos, but my doctor wasn’t happy. She felt a big lump, and yes it turned out to be thyroid cancer. Had a total thyroidectomy at the beginning of this year and radiation. While being off of my medication for the radiation treatment my cholesterol levels soared and I got extreme headaches which resulted in vision loss. I thought nothing off it, maybe an eye infection? To my horror I have been diagnosed now with retinopathy in my left eye. Had laser treatment on Monday, but they say my vision won’t come back. I am praying every moment of the day for my miracle.
All I can say is that you need to treat any sign as serious, because of your diabetes. Don’t leave anything to chance. You are in my prayers.

Hi! I was diagnosed with T1 in 2007. Then January 2010 I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's. I too fell in all the "normal" range for the T tests. However, they tested me for the antibodies and that was what gave them definitive evidence of Hashimoto's. I had so many of the symptoms. Life felt awful. I am generally a very happy and outgoing person, but when I was going through 2009 with my thyroid in a funk, it got to a point of, "I don't want to wake up, because I know everything will start all over in the morning, and I can't go on each and every day." I went on my generic prescription, levothroid, and - even at a very low dose it was an extreme difference. I felt back to normal. My energy was back, and a slew of other symptom went away. However, one of symptoms that hasn't gotten better is the ability to lose weight. Has any one found a way to lose weight? Diet and exercise has not been working. :-( I'm up 15 lbs from what I have been at for most of my adult life. I don't change in weight, so 15 was significant to me. help....
Anyone have any suggestions??

- Lindsey

I can definitely relate!!!

My Type I kicked in in Jan. '94. Unable to get any meaningful control my Dr. @ Walter Reed Army Medical Center figured out that April that it was due to a thyroid issue - Graves in my case. I'd gone from weighing 160 down to 119 and together both diseases knocked me for a loop. As she said, "It is as close as any man will ever get to knowing what menopause feels like." Given the odds of getting Graves (for a guy) she only half jokingly asked me to buy her a lottery card.

Both diagnoses ended my 14 year Army career and left me in a bit of a funk, to put it nicely. On the other hand, had that not happened I'd have never met my wife and compared to others the complications of having diabetes for 18 years have not been as horrible as I would have predicted.

Every endocrinologist I've seen since then have all said pretty much the same thing: managing either one is a challenge but together it is really hard. My 1st one gave me a great piece of advice, and that is to take it one day at a time. Learn from the past, do your best today and don't worry about tomorrow. Had I not taken that to heart I'd probably not be nearly as happy and at peace with myself as I am.

I was diagnosed almost a year ago (4/24/11) with T1 AND Hashi's at the ripe old age of 34. I hadn't been feeling well but thought I had the flu, needless to say, I went into DKA and was in the hospital for 12 days. What is even more strange is that I am the only person on both sides of my family that is Diabetic but on my Mom's side, there are Thyroid issues. My Endo is fairly certain that my Thyroid went out first and then my body deciding to take out my pancreas as well, I just LOVE these Autoimmune diseases. It's hard enough to handle one chronic disease with all the fun side effect but to have two, well saying it's difficult is an understatement.