Have anybody tried one of these apps? Are they any good?: 6 Lifesaving Diabetes Apps for iPhone & iPad

Here's the list, according to iPhone News. Tell me what you think. Have you used any of these? Are there any "musts" missing?


6 Lifesaving Diabetes Apps for iPhone & iPad

I haven't tried those.

But i tried this new one that works with an iphone, you can test your BG directly on your iphone with an extension module that plugs into the usb power port of the iphone.

here is the link: http://starsystem.sanofi.ca/products/ibgstar-meter

Let me know what you think!

Thank you! I think Emily Coles wrote about it. Let me check.

Ouse glucose buddy and I love it! My family doctor really likes it as well!

the calorie king app I wish android phone had one. If fooducate is on the i phone then that is good for comparing groceries.

I have the calorie king book on my Kindle Fire (which I think is an Android device) and it gets updates from the publisher, the catch is you have to buy the book on Amazon, but well worth the investment in my mind.

I use Diabetes Buddy and love it. It makes it very easy to identify trends in glucose.

I've used a couple of those and some of them are great but the only one I use is iD-Cal and I love it. Works on any device and is totally free. It's really simple and easy to use.
iD-Cal for Mobile
There's also a PC version too but I like the mobile one.
D-Cal for PC

I use diabetes buddy also. Its by far the best app ive seen. Ive tried so many, but this one does what i needed to do and kept it all in one place.