Have you asked your Doctor about TAG?

I believe this was asked by another TAG member within this group (in another discussion) but…

Have you asked your Doctor about TAG? Has anyones doctor heard of TAG? I asked my ex-Endo and my current general doctor…you would have thought I was talking in a different language to both of them. I don’t even bother bringing it up anymore. Sad but true.

What are your experiences with this?

I had an appointment with a new endo in Dec. I mentioned TAG and had the same experience you did – I felt like I was from another planet the way he looked at me. For other reasons, I won’t be going back to him again but it was kind of sad because he is the head of the endocrinology department at a major hospital in Pittsburgh.

Back in the summer, I was having problems with my Apidra breaking down in the heat. When I Googled that, I landed on a message board for nurses & CDEs that discuss diabetes stuff. Every once in awhile, I will take a peak to see what they are talking about. About a month or two ago, they were having a conversation about TAG. Someone asked for help with a patient doing low carb – she did not know how to help them and another CDE brought up TAG. I don’t think she referred to it as TAG though but she did have the basics right.

Yes, my old endo was ok with it and so was my old DE, who asked me to tell her how I did it and how I knew about it.

Current (after moving to another state) - have no new endo yet, and new DE (who is supposedly the best) says, “we don’t do that in Australia”, (um… yeah we do), and added something nonsensical about not wanting to do the math all the time and doing TAG is not necessary.

Not sure yet if it’s her way or the highway.

I was truly shocked. Still am.

Neither my doc, the PA, the CDE, or the nutritionist in the office had a clue about TAG. When I explained the basics (and took them reading material and visuals), they sort of glazed over, but did not give me grief because of my great results. The CDE in the office, who is very sweet and very funny, just laughs and says “you’re weird,” but it’s working for you!

So, like several of you, I just don’t talk about it any more - I just smile when they marvel at my numbers!

You’re welcome, Danny!
Your post reminds me of how shocked a lot of medical people are to learn that I test 10 or more times a day. I’m always like, geez, how do you think I get such good A1c numbers - cracks me up.
And I’m also convinced that this “once a day” testing TOTAL BULL____ is perpetrated by the insurance companies.

I agree Danny, I am not interested in the mediocre management anymore. The things I have learned, I have learned from the DOC kind of doctor not the ones in white coats!

I have and my Endo office knew what I was talking about!! Shocker I know!! but they said while it is still kinda new in treatment protocol, it seems to work a lot better then just your avg run of the mill carb counting. I really like my Endo team since they try to stay up to date on the newest stuff and really involve the patient in the care. TAG has done wonders for my A1C and just all around tighter control less wiggly lines so to speak.

Wow - that’s very interesting. Actually, as I understood it - TAG is rather “old” so funny that they see it as “new” - but regardless, a good Endo is a great support to have. Mine didn’t know about but they are so impressed with my numbers that they let me do what I want - lol

This must be a very good Endo, if they knew about TAG. Sounds like you better hold onto them :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t be surprised if they found out about it on the internet and maybe even this TAG group at TuDiabetes. AFAIK, this group may be the most complete TAG reference on the internet. I remember someone saying they were led to this group when they Googled TAG.

You are right it old but I think because it is not widely used they look at it as new! lol I am very blessed to have the team I have I swear they are there no matter what! I can call at anytime and will get to speak with my nurse or the doc if she is available I never have to leave messages since they have nurses who answer the help line for what ever issues you can come up with. I struggled in the begining with TAG it seemed to take more work then I had time for but after siting with my CDE we got it down to an art!

I hadn’t directly, but I was talking to a coworker who was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and had went to a dietician, who had talked to him about protein converting into glucose (I think as part of an overall discussion of how foods affect blood sugar)