Have you ever prayed for a cure?

I was viewing George’s and Sara’s Vlogs about diabetes and faith and Sara mentioned she has prayed for a cure.


My hope for a cure is so nonexistent that I have never prayed for a cure, have you?

Sure I have prayed for a cure. I’ve prayed for healing also. I believe both are possible. My biggest prayer of late has been to keep me healthy. No complications and such.
God can do ANYTHING. :slight_smile: As my pastor likes to say, “Don’t put God in a box.”

Interesting I can’t say that I’ve prayed for a cure but I always pray for good health.


I’m not religious so I don’t pray. When I was a kid, every year when I blew out my birthday candles and made a wish, that’s what I wished for. I think maybe I was in my mid or late teens when I gave up on that. You’d think by now someone would have figured out it’s probably not a good idea to tell kids “5-10 years”, but what do I know?

My patients pray for a cure,I tell them pray to have the power to look after their health and never to develop complications.

I am a person of faith, but I never prayed for a cure because I thought that diabetes was “manageable” and I thought that insulin was a cure.

From all that I have learned, I realize that INSULIN IS NOT A CURE and that a person with type 1 diabetes is missing more than just insulin (amylin, c-peptide, …) and that insulin injections or pumps cannot completely replicate non-diabetic blood sugars (even if you A1c is below 6).

SO I really hope for a cure and as soon as possible!!

BUT I also see prayer as a way of changing us (those who are praying or those who know that we are praying for them), not changing God… so I think that I will also pray for strength to manage life with diabetes… and for funding for researchers to find a cure :slight_smile:

never prayed for a cure directly…always pray for daily strength, persistance, understanding and to keep my head level about things :wink:

Dear Karen. When I meet him in person and it may be soon, I will tell him to get with it.

Wow! I never prayed for a cure. Guess I don’t believe it will ever happen. Oh me of little faith. But I have earnestly prayed for healing and so has my husband. God has not chosen to heal me of diabetes but has given me a ministry to others because I live it too. I am blessed.