Have you ever?

Have you ever had to be the one to save someone’s life? or to help keep someone safe?

I don’t consider myself a hero by any means, but It’s a rush to know that you helped someone in their time of need.

When I was 12 or 13 I went on a trip with my church youth group to go white water rafting, I remember thinking this is going to be so fun. I didn’t bring my Diabetes stuff while we rafted but my stuff was back at the camp we were staying at, I had no food to compensate because I guess we were going to stop on the way down the river and have some lunch or a snack, about two miles into the ride I looked back at one of the girls that I was in the raft with and noticed her eyes rolling into the back of her head. if that doesn’t kick start your adrenaline I don’t know what does, I looked back at the front where my bishop was (he’s the guy that was in charge of my congregation) anywho I looked at him and said "hey bishop, I think something is really wrong with her, we need to get her out of the boat. I remember going over to where the girl was and leaning her against me and yelling at her to keep her eyes open for me. It seemed like forever before we reached a spot where we could get out and assess the situation. two adults took her back to where a ranger would meet them, while the rest of us stayed to eat. all I kept thinking was I hope she’s ok. I couldn’t eat anything I was so rattled, but I knew my BG would be lower than a grave if I didn’t. finally we made it to where one of the adults had their motor home and that’s when i started shaking so bad, I looked at whoever it was I was standing with and said Im cold and I think my blood sugar is low. so they put me in the RV.

Do any of you have moments like that where you have forgotten about your own problems and helped someone with theirs?

that is a rather funny moment, plus that is awesome. hey no problem with the BG level thing, I was thinking of how I could say it so it wouldn’t be so depressing so hey why not?

Went swimming in business attire on several occasions at large summer parties. The “adults” playing with the little toddlers lost hold of them far enough away from the stairs, the toddlers could not swim at all… so I made a choice… and was mistaken the grown ups caught them again

So I simply took a bath a little earlier than intended and in ~funny clothes~