Sponge Bob and young people with Diabetes

I helped at a vacation for children with diabetes.
It was a great experience. We all got cool summercamp-tshirts with spongebob-designs.
With the teenage girls, we put a lot of glam and glitter on all pumps and pens.
We saw children telling sad stories about their diabetes and lucky ones as well.
There were tears to dry.
And there were love couples among the teenagers.
Wearing a pump was cool and the little girls wanted to see when I exchanged my infusion set.
There was a “Roche guy” (referring to my friend Vera) who was wearing a pump himself explaining the children how it worked. And we had those stories of the “Diabe-Tiger” for the little ones.
We were a tribe. And it really touched my heart seing the children having fun, weaving their hands out of the doctor’s car when we drove to the swimming-pool.
Some girls cried when their parents came to pick them up back home after to weeks.
There where also ones who had been wanting back home all the time.
But I can only say how good it was for all, that diabetes wasn’t a difference for two weeks, but what brought us together.

I loved how you summed up the experience especially the last line! It’s so true.

What a great experience! I’m sure you were a wonderful gift to the children!

I am so happy you got to experience that Astrid. It sounds like it was a wonderful 2 weeks for everyone involved! I always wanted to go to D camp, now I think I am too old, LOL, my daughter says I probably couldn’t keep up with it : )

Maybe one year I will try, just so I can experience it : )

Thanks for sharing!

Now that I read it, I wish I could make such an experience myself. It must be great for the children to experience a diabetes community in such an active way.

On an unrelated subject, hope to see you soon!

Thanks for your kind comments!
I am very happy! :slight_smile:

Thanks for sharing and showing what a good heart you have.

As far as camps for adults; they could be organized at private campgrounds or restaurants or other meeting places - just a matter of planning.