If you could meet anyone from Tudiabetes who would it be?

If you could meet anyone from people from Tudiabetes, who would it be? If I could I would meet everyone! hehehe

Here’s my list:

Kristin- Admin
Amy T

and many more…hahahaha

hmmmm tough decision so many awesome people here.

I am a people person! I want to meet everyone!

Yeah, I’d like to meet everyone too. When can we get together?

That is not fare question Cherise!!! So many lovely people here including you.

I had a dream that I met Meadowlark.
I still say Jenny should run a Diabetes B&B where we could go to hang out together and benefit from her extensive knowledge. Just in case you are looking for something else to do, Jenny…

I’d like to see a TuDiabetes TuExpo. Then I can meet all of you.

Tudiabetes expo!!! That’s a great Idea:)

I would love to meet Dena, Sohair, Elaine:)

  1. Elise! :slight_smile:
  2. Manny
  3. Kristin probably…

If i had to choose between only 3 then it would start with
Neil Greathouse

I would really love to see local meet-ups going so we could work toward that “Big Event”. We could get our local papers and churchs and schools involved and truly get to meet everyone. That would be so incredible. We have a veritable treasue trove of people. And then Manny would have to travel all over the world to see all of us. How great is that. It sure makes me smile. A Tu Diabetes Tu Expo !!! GO TEAM !!!

I’m working on starting a group in chandler az, will keep you posted.

I am new to this but I would like to Manny the brains behind this.
I would also like to meet everyone help with Manny’s vision.
And most of all I want to meet all my friend I am starting to get to know on here.

I would love to meet everyone…like an adult diabetes camp. we could spend a week together and laugh, love and share our experiences.

Oh, I miss diabetes camp more than anything! That was the best part of my childhood and adolescence. If there was a camp for adults, I’d be there in a flash.

If any one of you come to Saudi Arabia,be my guest,really I mean it.I landed in a great family with a big heart.

It is my dream to see you BBach and your lovely family.

What about we all get together in ADA meeting next year,we can check in the same hotel,go out together and advocate for diabetes.If you like this suggession path it to Manny.I will bring my family to meet all of you.

I’ve just started here and I can’t narrow my choices down to three. Everyone here has been so friendly. Way cool. I do think the B & B thing would be great!