Have you thought about the zombie apocalypse?

My friends and I joke around about how long we’d live and what skills we have that would help us in case of zombies. Obviously, I’m not really concerned about it, but I if it were to happen, how long could I survive?

Being type 1 and insulin dependent how long do I have before my supplies and I just run out? Do you have a diabetes zombie survival plan?

become a zombie and be cured…
zombies can’t have diabetes…
or can they???

Zombie never go after diabetics. In the case of a zombie attack, we’re the ones who’ll survive. Strips will be free & all the insulin we need.

hmm, be a diabetic or eat brains… i bet eating brains doesn’t hurt as much. grin

the insulin needs to be cold or it goes bad so we get about a month or 2?

I’ve always figured that we would be the first ones the zombies would come after, since we are so sweet and all :-p

haha…that’s cute. Being sweet.

Zombies and vampires. We`re dessert

My friends and I have talked about our plans for the Zombie Apocalypse too, lol. One of them is a biochemist, so I told her, it’s her job to come up with something. Maybe an insulin pump that never runs out in the form of an arc reactor like Tony Stark has. That would be pretty cool. g

id go to the chemist and get supplies then down to the maplins for a plug in fridge for the car and a small genny. then make a dash to the marina for the boat. hoping i dont get eaten on the way. we all need luck with this one.

Diabetic zombies live on pancreas not brains lol

A friend and I have had this talk and you would have to take into what level of Apocalypse it is total break down back to the stone age or more a falling apart of society a we know it. Total break down of society I would take my last vial of insulin and a bottle of booze and kill off them and myself since finding a long term supply of insulin would be unlikely and even if given a few months to live in the end I would be a drain on the group I was withs resources. Its a bummer but true. Now the other more realistic (lol) collapse would result with pockets of order and infrastructure still intact. I have enough survival skills and usable skills (soap making, baking and the big one Brewing and Distilling) that with my supply of insulin (got about 6 months worth in the fridge and enough cold stream and cave around) I most likely could survive. I do have a bugout bag ready for case of natural disaster ready to go except for the insulin which is in the fridge.

raid the local pharmacy and haul a** to alaska! or raid the local hardware store and get a gas powered generator to run the fridge. yes, i’ve thought about this…

Zombies and vampires are already dead so they probably would go after people healthier than us. That said, since they are dead so are they pancreas so they wouldn’t have to worry about what (or who) they ate. :slight_smile:

But since we are so sugary vampires esp. wouldn’t want to have their teeth rot so they would probably stay away from us. Maybe if the vampire was a insulin dependant human when they were transformed they may prefer some insulin saturated person. :slight_smile:

Zombies probably have no teeth so they wouldn’t be so picky. They would more than likely want to practice their Thriller moves with you. LOL!

You need to go solar powered and set up your own lab in the backwoods. Start planning now. :slight_smile:

Hmmm… backwoods labs have a nasty connotation of cooking methamphetamine. Meth addicts ARE the zombie apocalypse. Stay away from the backwoods.

Nah more mobile and trailer park labs in KY. Backwoods is for pot grower, you got to watch it when camping I know a few guys who have been shot at for stumbling into the wrong field.

Yes, the Meth labs are now in houses! You would be surprised. I watched a documentary on it and I was surprised that they are hidden in normal houses and garages. Who knows what you are driivng past,eh?

All the survivalists who are planning and preparing for the apocalypse go to relatively uninhabited areas and live off the grid and stockpile so they don’t have to depend on the system. They grow their own food, have their own power etc. The reason they do it off the beaten path is that when the time comes they don’t want looters finding their property and stealing their food and power. :slight_smile:

Any yes, some of them grow pot too. :slight_smile:

I have a friend who is a bit of a survivalist, we tease him about how with the all the lefties he has said he would allow on his compound, it should just become a commune. He shares our dream about getting off the grid but for different reason. And the Methheads have made soap making a PIA no more red devil lye in stores.

If the Zombie apocalypse did one day arrive, I would defiantly worried about insulin and test strip supply, I would go on a raiding mission across pharmacy’s, hospitals, any place with insulin and more supplies, I’m going for!

I dont know about yall here but it is going to take far more than just insulin and other supplies to survive, you also need guns and ammo, lots of them too, I have enough for a good start but not forever. I would also raid the gun stores, abandoned police stations, and any place with ammo, and especially a place that would have automatics like M4’s and other AR’s, the good stuff! From there it will be realitively easy to just pick the zombies off one by one, and slowly reduce their numbers (at least in my area) With those supplies, weapons and if you are smart and alert (and dont let you’re bg go too low), you will be very well secured. Until usable insulin runs out at some point, but I would much rather go that way than to become one of them.

Remember, it will take far more than just insulin and other medical supplies.