Have you thought about the zombie apocalypse?

How many carbs in that Prickly Pear Cactus I wonder? Those are yummy. Used to pick those wild in Cali. :slight_smile:

I bet you would definately have more competition where the food is concerned. You might not have as much trouble getting your insulin. Unless the most of the worlds population turned Type 1 by that point.:slight_smile: People go crazy looting bottle water and non-perishable food items when ever there is a natural diaster. That would probably be more crazy that trying to find meds. Plus, yeah, you would have all those zombies to compete with too.

Nah wouldn’t go for full auto weapons waste of ammo. I would go for 12 gauge shotgun, 9mm sidearm and 22 rifle prefer semi-auto those tend to be the most common pieces of ammo around. If I could get my hands on military grade weapons I would have to go for anything taking 7.62mm. And you don’t know if these are slow zombies or those horrid stupid fast zombies.

Jim, automatics also have the semi-auto switch and just fire rounds one by one, thats what I would primarily use them for. Even an AR15 would be perfectly adequate, but I would like full auto capability on the thing just so I could have a nice grin on my face :slight_smile:

But yes ammo conservation is a very important thing to take into consideration.

I always leaned towards explosives for the smile effect. But then again was always a bit of a fire bug.

if you had to, who would you sacrifice to get away from the walking dead?

Who would I sacrifice? One of my Ex’s Ex, A$$hole deserves it. haha

Something tells me this discussion might have been inspired by the new show “The Walking Dead”. Who here has seen it? I’ve been following that show and I’m loving it.

Funny thing is Ive thought about not this exactly, but what to do if society collapses around me, or more riots, natural disasters, etc. So, I live in LA and I do know exactly where my local gun shop is. The problem is… Do I loot the gun shop first or hit the local CVS for all of the mini fridges / insulin & strips I can fit in my new stolen SUV (hybrid mind you - I dont want to have to get gas too often).

Then on to CVS #2, Albertson’s pharmacy, Target pharmacy, the local pound to pick up my new pit bull / german sheppard (the kids always wanted a dog), then where… Oh of course! Catalina Island to isolate myself until the insulin runs out. then I take the injection of (insert suicide drug here) and lay down to sleep it off. I dunno the ohter option is figuring out where my local Novo Nordisk distribution plant is and hang out there for a while.

Yup, watching it, fun show!

Now, for the sacrafice, well, it’s a long list. . .do I have to chose just one?

I think I’d be a goner, my grab and go bag is seriously outdated, all the extra meters are suffering from dead battery and too cheap to by replacement battery syndrome (isn’t it something that you can spend LESS on teh meter than replacing batteries in the little ones!), the test strip supoply has been raided but left unreplenished one time to many, and the only time I have enough insulin in teh fridge is one the 3 month supply gets here, so it would have to happen within 3-4 weeks after that shipment, think I can have that scheduled??? <<g>>

LOL big discussion point for my friends being a odd mix of Min-anarchist and Social Democrats. Got most of the plan figured out and most of us have a strong DIY ethic. Guns check knowledge on wilderness survival check, know how to make soap, beer, tanning leather, explosives, even got a friend who knows how to spin wool and owns a big chunk of land in the mountains. Of course Getting the big D has thrown a wrench in the mix. Could survive a good 6 months long term the D means I would be a drain. Of course on of my friends wife has more medical issues and doesn’t like it when I tell her hubby to let us both die and run off with my wife.

My plan:

  1. Lure fellow diabetic to assist in taunting zombie mob. Jump around just out of reach, point at own skull screaming “EXTRA SWEET!” This entices the mob to follow you. Everybody likes sweets.

  2. Just in front of the barred and chained Rite Aid pharmacy I trip my unsuspecting fellow diabetic, sending him/her sprawling in front of the zombie horde. I quickly snatch up the shotgun, chainsaw & crowbar they dropped.

  3. While the zombies politely share equal and dainty portions of extra-sweet brain, I hack/saw/shoot my way into the pharmacy. I collect a backpack full of insulin and escape through the back…grabbing up some raspberry glucose tabs on my way!

I was thinking beating them with a pool cue while Queen blares in the background.

My younger brother is all Dan Brown-ed out. Hes the ghillie suit, cover up with leaves, eat bark type. Well, now hes almost married and think camping is in an RV, but w/e. Im sure you like me grew up watching Wolverine and had childhood fantasies about the (insert non american state here) invading your town and having to pee in the radiator to keep the truck going so we can get to the mountains and regroup to attack. Ha!

Funny enough, I think there is pockets like us all over the US now. Groups with the cocktail mix of 1 punk, 1 geek, 1 anarchist, 1 survivalist, 1 straight laced wife*, and any mixture there of. Dang it, were prepared! =^D

*Its the wife because mine keeps me in check!

Ding Ding Ding. We gave up the idea of buying land cause the Anarchist Libertarian got upset after I insisted it would be a collective/co-opt or commune not a compound (even though really they are are the samething I was just pushing buttons). Best is the ex Ranger in the group is super hardcore left wing.

This has certainly been a topic of discussion because one always needs to be prepared! Have I mentioned that I would like to do a Zombie Walk as part of my bucket list? They had one in Austin last year and I need to do it next year. I do live in Texas and have a friend who has “Zombie Paranoia” and is well armed. Me? I’m a free spirit but I can definitely run a lot faster than a Zombie. Have you seen how slow they walk? HA! As far as the diabetes, I would have to ditch it all and party like its 1999- and break into a pharmacy or two. HA.

Sounds like an awesome group (and hilarious!). The most radical in my group is a bi-polar rock star (works at a book store) and I think hes the one were gonna make pee in the radiator. He’s nuts enough to try and freak out a bear and at the same time scared of the woods until someone challenges him on it. Ha!

I have a friend who is zombie paranoid as well. I never really imagined that someone would really buy it, but she does and is freaked about them. Im thinking Id like to do a zombie walk here in So cal. sometime as well.

I was inspired in Vegas last year over Halloween and billions came walking towards us. It was awesome. There was one being eaten by a shark, a Vegas dealer, a zombie nurse. It was amazing to see how so many people just wandered the streets as zombies. Even kids. Maybe I’ll do that on the JDRF Walk here in Austin next year since it IS on Halloween. Ha.

Ok must post this now and out myself as a WOW nerd http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BjMiDZIY1bM


It’s okay I understand. I have played WOW here and there. I am not great but, it’s fun. =)

I also have Re: Your Brains on my regular playlist. L