Have you tried Almased?

In my never ending pursuit of losing weight. I am always searching for safe products to help. Have any of you tried Almased? it is a soy based, meal replacement powder designed for diabetics. I am getting ready to try it. I’m usually not a fan of meal replacement, but thought I’d give it a shot, I get so busy at work and sometimes just don’t have time to eat. Just wondering if any of you have tried it or if there is anything else out there that is worth mentioning.

No, but I just looked at the web site. Post how it goes. I might give it a try!

It did curb my appetite. But tasted like pancake mix…I think it will taste ok once i add fruit to it… I’ll keep trying and let you know if it gets any better.

I have not tried this product, and thus I do not have any useful information to give about how well it might work. I only wanted to mention a word of caution if you might have Hypothyroidism. Persons with Hypothyroidism, or a history of cancer in their families, should avoid consuming soy products which have not been fermented… they are high in phytoestrogens which may cause cancers to grow, and are full of goitrogens which may interfere with thyroid hormone metabolism functions, and cause goiters in the thyroid gland. Other products, which are fermented: like soy, miso, tempe, natto, etc (http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/weightlossteam/forum/topics/have-you-tried-almased), are fine for consumption. As you may know, if you have Hypothyroidism, a slow thyroid makes it very, very hard to lose weight. You wouldn’t want to mess with that if it was already a problem. If this is a problem, here are other protein based meal replacements that are very good, though I’m not really knowledgeable on them… People like Gerri are good to ask.