Having fits with spikes

Good evening all, just wanted to vent a little about spikes in my blood sugar. I am having fit, have been using intensive management, before after meals, getting up and going to sleep. Yesterday I went from 61-479. Today I have been doing ridiculous management all day, getting up, 1/2 hour-1 hour, before all intake, right after, 1/2 hour-1 hour-1 1/2 hour- 2 hours, have stayed between 114-179 until now at 247 with no food or cards since 7ish. Getting on my nerves. Am long time type one who may know better but remember half of what I knew.

Stress can cause rise in BG!!

I am also long timer, and intensive management can be tough. Just do the best you can.

You may also be having absorption issues causing insulin not to absorb predictably.

Do you use same injection or pump sites repeatedly?

Am trying to get back on pump, lost transmitter, but yes I move around on injection sites. My biggest thing is gastro. Issues, lbs , nerve damage to stomach and collon,here etc. Never know how my system is going to process what I take in. But I am working. Loved pump allowed me to keep close eye on levels and act accordingly. Have gone through almost 150 strips this month, wearing fingers out.

Why don’t you have a CGM, are you on a pump? So, either your basal is off, your ICR is off your under blousing, etc…what are you eating? What is your ICR…

The OP already explained that they are trying to get back on a pump with CGM. The OP’s gastroparesis is what is most likely giving the most trouble here.

Have you tried drinking blended up food to alleviate some of the Gastro issues? That could help your body process your food more effectively so that insulin and food will meet in the middle. Changing when you bolus may also be worthwhile. Do the hypos happen after a meal bolus and then a high later on?

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Yes the highs hit hours after eating, normally 3+, trying not to stack my insulin, will probably have to start doing manual dual wave boluis, it seems to go higher in the evening and it normally gets there pretty quick. It’s not uncommon to jump to 3-400+ in a couple of hours, I take metoclopramide to aid in emptying my stomach.

Highs in the 3+ hours after eating timeframe are often well-suited to a dual wave bolus. Before I started on Loop, I dosed for fat and protein content using extended boluses due to my carb limited eating style. I found extended boluses to be highly dependable and easy to troubleshoot. I often extended for 3-6 hours.

It might help you to do some trial and error runs. Recording your efforts with insulin timing, pre-bolus time, and meal quality will help you make some sense out of all these factors. Good luck with this unasked-for challenge!

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Thank you for imput. When I was on pump I used them alot, am trying to get on pump, having problems getting new transmitter for one I lost but working on it. Yesterday started testing levels and food testing every half hour after eating. Am currently using a 1:15 insulin to carb ratio. Works well to start may change with dual wave.

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Anxiety and not restful sleep also elevates the glucose numbers. good luck. I know not fun.