I am so sick of diabetes right now

I don’t understand what is going on.

For the past week or so, my numbers keep skyrocketing after I eat, no matter what. For example, I woke up at 90 this morning, bolused for a 30 carb breakfast, waited a few minutes even! Then ate said breakfast. Now, one hour later–232 and rising psychotically.

This has pretty much been every meal for a week. I’m taking a ridiculous amount of insulin to curb these highs…which are so hard to get down. Eventually they do come down and I end up crashing. Yesterday morning I had a similar problem, eventually crashed out way later than is normal. Ate lunch, got super high again. Eventually crashed out before dinner. Got high again after dinner. So ridiculously high this time…and it took forever to come down. It continued spiking through my bed time. I didn’t bolus any extra than my pump correction factors told me though, because I am scared of night lows.

Didn’t matter, crashed during the middle of the night. My CGM looks absurd. It shows steep spikes (when it’s happening 2 double up arrows…sometimes gaps it rises so quickly). And falls the exact same way.

WHAT is going on? I though at first it was a series of bad infusion sites. My skin has been getting irritated (red, with bumps) and extremely itchy around my last couple sites. So last night I tried a completely different area. This one doesn’t itch or look bad surrounding the site. Yet here I am again at 232 an hour after eating 30 carbs.

Something is not normal. I really don’t know what it could be though. It’s not my higher time before my period–though even if it were, it’s never been this bad. Don’t feel sick or anything like that.

I honestly feel like my boluses are taking 2 hours longer than they should to kick in. Like the insulin is getting stuck in a pocket somewhere and releasing all at once much, much later.

Doesn’t make sense. And really, this is completely out of no where, when I count things correctly and start at a good level, I usually don’t spike after my meals more than 130-140. Mornings sometimes higher, but certainly NOT like this!

Jaclyn I feel your pain seriously I had the same exact problem,really makes you sick and tired of it all esp if you cant work out why its happening its such a headach.
I even got sick and tired of it I wrote blog about it as I could not take it at all,its such a shock to the whole system maybe it could be an infection in your system because my numbers went as high as they could get without me feeling bad at all then later got hospitalised with an stomach infection that caused dka,it all happend to fast my nurse was shocked.If you can get a blood test done to figure out if its an infection or not then get that done also try and not stress because that does not help the numbers at all,easier said then done I know.
I hope it gets better sorry I could not be much help.

I had this happen to me once. My pump wasn’t delivering me my basal insulin. I would say that you should check to see if you pump is functioning properly. Was on the Minimed 512 at the time (I think that’s the generation before this latest one).

I called Minimed and they stepped me through a process to check for bolus and basal delivery. I wasn’t getting ANY basal. They shipped me a new pump out and I got it the next morning.

I hope you figure things out soon. Good luck.