Hayfever and diabetes

is anyone here suffering from hayfever?
i havent had any severe problems with pollens until i moved to stockholm this year, though i have started to have allergy symptoms two years ago. that was back in oxford, UK.
but this year, hayfever is making my life miserable: having both the typical symptoms and higher basal insulin needs.
i would really like to hear how people deal with it. is there any hayfever medication recommended specifically for the type 1 diabetics?

I just developed allergies last year and take over-the-counter medication. I don’t think the allergies affect my basal rates or blood sugars, but that’s an interesting idea I’ll pay more attention to. As far as I know there’s no medication recommended specifically for people with type 1. I personally hate taking medication and will put it off until the symptoms get in the way of me functioning!

Have yoy reasently turned 35? HA! I never had and problems wiyh hayfever til I turned 35 now at 44 I have them all the time! I live in the Southern US. I’m just kidding about turning 35. It maybe that where you moved to has more wild things growing there. It really makes life miserbale though don’t it?

I have recently just came down with hayfever symptoms.I only get it in the summer when the air is high humidity.Aside from alot of sinus mucous and my face tightening I also get dry eyes.They stay dry until the fall even when the air gets cooler in the summer…I haven’t seen an allergist yet but I think allergies are the culprit.I know it can’t be pollen because pollen starts in the spring and my eyes are fine then.Anyone else with the same problem?

I have finally found out what is causing my dry eyes in the summer.It is Allergic Conjunctivitis.It usually causes itchy eyes and the conjunctive tissue of the eyes swell.My doctor gave me a sample of some Patanol drops and a prescription if they worked.It didn’t seem to help so I got the prescription filled out anyway as a last resort.I put some drops in my eyes and it seemed to help.That was 3 days ago and I am still doing well.

The drops the doc gave me worked but only for the first 6 days.I am going back to see him to see if he can give me something stronger.The antihistamine was only 0.1 %.I hope I can find something.I am going on vacation at the end of July but with the way I am feeling I won’t have much fun.The dry eyes are killing me.I also have had insomnia the last 5 days.I try everything to relax.I hope I will feel better.I am getting so depressed.God help me!