New allergies

Have any of you developed allergies after your LADA diagnosis? I was diagnosed seven years ago and have developed allergies to sulfa drugs and Accupril – and now I have seasonal allergies, too.

I’ve never been allergic to any foods or trees or pollen, etc, so finding out that what I thought was a sinus infection was really seasonal allergies was a big surprise.

Since LADA is an autoimmune disease, I’m wondering if there’s a connection here. What’s your experience?


The older I get the more allergies I seem to have.

I am in the process of figuring out what I am allergic too. I never had any allergies at all and this last spring/summer I started taking clariten and flonase for seasonal allergies. Now I have developed either lactose intolerance, acid reflux or celiac disease. I still don’t know exactly what the issue is but I was beginning to think that it all is somehow related. I have been diabetic for 3 years and I got it right before my 30 birthday.

Yes, it all feels related to me, too. Since celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder, it’ll be interesting to see what you find out when you get a good diagnosis.

I started having seasonal allergies six or seven years before being diagnosed with D. I was not too keen on dairy; not allergic, but sensitive so would avoid it whenever I could. Now that I am on a low carb diet, I eat a lot of cheese but dont seem to have much, if any sort of reastion; not like I used to.

I am sensitive to wheat. Can eat one or two low carb tortillas per day, but if I do that for several days in a row I feel “gunky” and sluggish.

My allergies do seem to get worse when I drink sodas with apertame; something I was doing with much gusto when the allergy symptoms originally set in six or seven years ago.

Aspartame is rat poison!!! I drink diet rite. I also eat splenda. big difference. I also lost 50 lbs.

when you take a lot of antiobotics, you get allergies.
I am allergic to trees, grass, wheat, dirt, pollen , cats, dust, strong smells, mold, mildew, and I live in South Carolina. HA HA HA AH HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA