Fractured my ankle -- should I be worried about normal healing?

Hello All,

Forgive the half Jewish part of me worrying in advance of an imagined catastrophe. I fractured my ankle 5 weeks ago. It's a simple fracture, no surgery needed thank the powers that be. My concern is that it still hurts to walk on it, not that I'm supposed to be doing that but who can help testing the waters a little?

It's supposed to heal in 6 weeks so I'm wondering if being a diabetic will complicate or prolong that. Has anybody had experience with that?



I don’t know about fractures but external wounds have a tendency to take longer in some Diabetics. Personally I’ve never noticed a problem. Did you ask your Dr.?

I shattered my ankle in 2004 and ended up with a plate and six screws one side and two long screws the other side. The surgery and healing went very well. It took me six month to walk again but I continued to use a cane for quite some time after. At the time my sugars were not in good control as I was in bed for the first six weeks. To this day I havent had any major problems …only a little pain when the weather is cold…all the best to you …tee

Had an ankle sprain a year ago. I immediately place cold compress on it and elevated my feet so when the doctor examined it, there is not much swelling. I kept weight off it for at least 2 weeks and was doing fine by the 3rd. I guess because it was just minor. Do you have neuropathy? I don’t know, but sometimes its hard to distinguish where the pain is coming from… Barb is right…sometimes it takes healing longer for external injuries on the legs/feet for diabetics. maybe its best to see your doctor to…just to be sure =)

FYI …one of the elder Tu members responding, I mean in age ( age 69 plus ) …I was diagnosed with osteoporosis after I broke my wrist in 3 places , 3 years ago …very common to women with diabetes and post menstrual . My specialist added to this comment type 1 and type 2 !!! I take Actonel weekly and my last bone scan did not show any extra deterioration since the accident…the good news .
I don’t know your age , however it may be worth checking out " my little story " .

I’ve broke shoulders, feet, arm, ribs and other things in my 40 years as a T1D with no issues with healing, as long as I maintain normal BGs.

Bones may “heal” in 6 weeks but it may be tender/sore for quite some time… like 6 months or more is not completely uncommon. Even if you aren’t fully healed at 6 weeks, it doesn’t mean D is to blame either.

I haven’t broken anything since developing diabetes, but past experiences tell me it’s not “all better” just because you hit that 6 weeks and x-rays show you’re “fine”.

If you don’t have any circulatory complications of your lower legs it should be fine.

"Forgive the half Jewish part of me worrying in advance of an imagined catastrophe. " - hahahahaha Cynthia!

I cut my ankle shaving my legs a few weeks ago. I cleaned it, bandaged it, and then continued life as normal.
Two days later, it was pussing and giving off a minor odor.

It was 11 pm when I noticed it.

I freaked.

Admitted myself into the ER and got antibiotics.
For a cut from shaving my legs.

And I’m not Jewish. hahahahaha.

For your question: I think it’ll take longer to heal. Watch for infections (if there are open cuts) because we are prone to infect. Muscles tend to heal as normal and bones too, just open cuts seem to take longer with diabetics.

I fractured the head of my ulna ( that’s one of the bones in the lower arm) at the elbow about 6 mos. ago. It hurt for about 3 weeks, so I used the sling that the doc gave me in the ER. It healed fine, I have no lingering discomfort.Your ankle should be fine in the usual healing time. Don’t worry and I am Jewish.

When my dad fractured his ankle, in two places, my mother (who is a Physical and Occupational Therapist) fought to the death with doctors to get him to receive a walking cast, instead of the regular casts that do not allow movement. See, with the way a Diabetic struggles to heal other wounds, and infections, it becomes also, tougher to get the muscles to heal the way they should, in a constrictive cast. They become atrophied, and thus, when the cast is removed… You will need some physical therapy to undo the damage. You will most likely (even with my father) have to use a cane for a little while after healing. I am not sure if you have a walking cast, at this point or not, which allows for more mobility for people with fractures, but either way, when the cast comes off, you will want to consider looking for a Physical Therapist in your area to help you heal, and condition those muscles again.

No bashing, just humor Dahlink.

Oh Dahlink (love it). I’ve fractured a few bones over the years - wrists, ankles, fingers, (am semi Ms. Evil Knevel on a motorcycle - watch out - look both ways). I healed just like a “NoRmAl” person did, and that was back in my good ol’ days of not really managing my diabetes like I have done over the last few years. Just follow the doctors orders and like others have said here - try to maintain good BG’s.
Oh, and if you’d seen the things I did when healing, your walking on it even though you’re not supposed to - you are an angel compared to me! :wink: Anna from Montreal - The Roller Coaster Ride of Diabetes