Health care reform

I need your help to stop the health care crisis affecting people with diabetes. The lack of accessible, adequate and affordable health care is putting the lives of many people with diabetes at risk-needlessly.

We must make our voices heard now while Congress is debating health care reform, otherwise people who need health care coverage the most will continue to be the ones who can’t get it.

Sign this petition to demand accessible, adequate and affordable health care for all people with, and at risk for, diabetes:

Yes, while some measure of reform is needed…this bill is definitely not it.

I respect your opinion, but for me I had a difficult time for a while, I had no insurance and was paying out of pocket for all of my diabetic supplies, even insulin and it was quite expensive.

Our health insurance system needs improvement–but this bill is definately NOT it. those idiots in Washington running an additonal 1/6th of our economy…I don’t think so…

I have had to fight with Social Security (gove insurance), Workers comp (started fully gov insurance, now quasi gov), and private insurers–they are all horrid, but of the three private insurance is the lesser of the evils!