Reforming Healthcare Reform

A ladadeeda blog post inspired by the many healthcare-related discussions lately. Please leave blog comments (here or at - I’m very interested in everyone else’s opinions.

I read your blog and agree with what you have to say. I found a job with great insurance and benefits. It’s not perfect, but it’s the best I’ve ever had. I was paying about $250 out of pocket monthly just on diabetic supplies. No copays, and no other prescriptions…it was difficult. Thankfully I have found a job that covers all of my diabetic supplies. I only have a copay for my insulin and other non-diabetic supplies. It is such a relief! I worry that this new bill will screw up what I have now…I’m really happy with what I have now. I envision nothing but downgrades with this new bill. Is there a Veterans Hospital near you? I work near a Veterans Hospital…it’s less than ideal and would not want to be forced to go to that government hospital…I don’t know what the right answer is, but this bill is just too big and too expensive…

BTW—LOVE your blog!!! It is definitely under my favorites!!! Keep up the fabulous work!!! Luv IT!!!

Thanks for you thoughts, Amy. I think a lot of people have those same fears about the new bill screwing up current coverage. It’s like we’ve finally gotten to a place where we’re happy with our insurance, only to find it’s now threatened. I don’t like not having a say in that.

And thanks for the compliments. I’m finding that I really love blogging, so I hope to continue. I’m very glad you’re enjoying it, too!

I believe NO ONE with a medical condition wether it be diabetes or cancer should have to go without healthcare. I’m T1, am 36 and have had D for 34 yrs. There was a 4 year period I didn’t have insurance. The state would not help. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe help with prescriptions and Dr. appointments should have been free, but a little help would have went a long way. I have insurance through my hubby now. BCBS of Ca. My deductible was just raised from 500 to 750$ per person, plus I have a 20$ copay at time of visit. Since 2005 I have been diagnosed with heart disease (had a triple by-pass), frozen shoulder, and paralyzed vocal cords which happened because of hypo unawareness. I wrecked my car, was in a drug induced coma for a month, and apparently the breathing tube they inserted damaged my left cord so now I have a trach. My hubby makes 50,000$ before taxes, yet both him and me agree we’d be willing to pay a little extra to help people with medical needs get insurance. From what I understand they want current coverage for people to NOT be affected.