Health Insurance Cost

Why is it my health insurance company,"UHC" is billing me for a A1C test, a Thyroid Panel test and Urine test my Endo, had me take. Shouldn't this be preventive or routine test done for diabetics once
or twice a year? With no cost to the patient or very little cost.
I feel like I am being discriminated against. Anybody want to compare notes on this matter.

See what your policy states. Many state that they will only cover the bare minimum of 'preventative' exams/test per the law. I have recently had to pay for my lab tests, too, so I feel your pain.

Hi Kari:
Well it good to see it's not just me getting raked over the coals.

Lab tests cost what they cost and it really doesn't matter if they are standard for your condition or not.You may not like it, but that's how it works. Why would you think it would be free? Your insurance company covered their standard percentage, right?

Are you on a group plan or individual? If it's a once a year physical, they would cover it 100%, as a preventive but when you go back for a follow up, then it is billed as diagnostic and that cost is different. This is usually what happens on an individual policy. Group plans can be slightly different.

Having basic routine test for this condition should be low cost or free.
After all in the best interest of the health insurance companies. That these patient monitor and have regular testing. Having high cost for this
testing keeps many patients from optimum health with this condition. And
in the long run the insurance pays huge cost from patients with diabetes.

I am on a group plan.

Nothing is free. I assume it has to do with the group plan that was negotiated with the insurance company. Probably trying to get the policy price as low as possible, which mean a lot of the "free" things go away.

I agree with you completely, but there's a big gap between "should be" and "is".

Have you meet your deductible for this year yet? Did your deductible change (increase)?