I was recently diagnosed 1 year ago more or less with type 1 and put on insulin after an emergency hospital stay. I had no idea I was sick and did not have health care coverage. Now that i have this diagnosis there is no insurance that will take me…it seems none exists in this country. I am wondering is this true I cant buy insurance if I am already diagnosed. I have been buying my insulin and just going to the doctor every 3 months for an a1c test to make sure I am more or less ok. I am worried though it is so expensive and I do believe I probably require more medical care than I am getting. When my numbers seem consistently high 200 and above I just increase the lantus a little bit…

Oh my gosh that it just horrible. My heart goes out to you. Have you checked into Medicaid? I will keep you in my prayers. May God bless you!

So you use Lantus for basal insulin, what do you use to bolus?
Walgreens pharmacy where I live will give cheap A1C tests without the cost of a doctor visit. They also give free flue shots to any T1 diabetic.
I agree you need to see if you can qualify for medicaid.
One year is very newly diagnosed. There is so much to figure out. I’m glad you’re here on TuD now…
I wonder why your doctor isn’t giving you some guidance (with regard to some options for affordable care). I got a job that had medical coverage for employees after I was diagnosed, I don’t pay anymore than other employees. But you are a mom of three, maybe a stay at home mom.
Independant Insurance companies really suck. Find out if a large hospital or medical group within 300 miles of you (in Florida) offers insurance. It can be much cheaper to get covered.
I think it is true you probably (for sure) need more medical care than you are getting. It really pisses me off how hospitals don’t tell newly diagnosed T1’s ANYTHING, and then just discharge them totally confused with no information. Why didn’t a social worker visit you in the hospital and give you info since you didn’t have insurance? That should have happened! It sounds like you have been doing really good on your own, but, to me it sounds like you have fallen through (not your fault!) some giant bureaucratic crack. I feel for you and wish you the best sorting through all the red-tape confusing insurace-how to get care crap! Maybe there are some people here on TuD from Florida without health insurace that can give you some guidance,check into the groups.
I just can’t imagine how T1’s with no insurance manage. It scares the hell outta me and makes my blood boil!

No I dont qualify for medicaid or anything like that because I have a car that is new and my living expenses are not considered low enough. I work from home and I homeschool my son who is a gymnast and I have a 3 year old. There isnt insurance here for american type 1 diabetics I have to co
me from another country and when I am dsabled due to diabetes complications then I will be ok. Sad but true I cant buy insurance. It could be worse thats what i have to say i guess

Google PCIP – it saved my life. If is for preexisting conditions. Its gonna run around $500 per month, but how can we survive without it???
Looks like you and I have almost the same diagnosis anniversary date :slight_smile:

Be well, my friend. Happy to talk anytime about this wonderful insurance! 678.485.8413

Here’s the link.

To me, this is truly criminal. We are among one of the richest nations in the world, and yet we can’t provide universal health care for everyone through the government. As long as health insurance companies are there purely for profit (and who can blame them), this is always going to happen. It’s shameful.