Health Insurance Monopolies

The reason people have health insurance is to cover the costs they cannot afford. Since healthcare is rising so significantly, and a lot of it is due to downright waste, insurance companies are denying pre-existing conditions such as Diabetes.

If your employer does not offer insurance, and it is a myth that companies must offer it for full time employees- it is up to the employer’s discretion, you are stuck.

I have personally fought with insurance companies.

They tell me I will cost them too much, for what they get coming in per month from me. I said, “That’s garbage, because people pay into the system who are not using what they pay each month as a premium.” Same with car insurance.

It isn’t dollar for dollar with insurance and it never was, so why are they saying this now?

There was a time when health insurance wasn’t a big deal, almost every employer offered it. It was a deal breaker to get and keep good employees. Full benefits with health insurance, medical, dental, vision, and life insurance. Real pensions, not 401Ks.

People have been so groomed to think this current stuff is the norm.

Wake up folks, because even if you are sitting cozy with health insurance through your employer, the day will come when they don’t want diabetics that way anymore either. I cannot get Major medical coverage, I can get some BS basic coverage, which basically rips me off for my money, and covers no hospitalization or testing. If they give me $40 toward a doctor visit, you can see how much I have to pay for my visit. Labs will kill me. I already have about $50,000 in medical debt.

All of those people in the town meetings SHOULD be screaming, because National Healthcare isn’t going to give you much more.

People say Canada, France, or Sweden does it. Much smaller, more homogeneous populations. And you have to be born in Sweden to get their healthcare.

I have a pizza and I tell you I am going to feed 400 people with it. That is National Healthcare. They don’t have the money now for Medicaid and Medicare. This is how they will make it work. They will give you less and they will make you wait. You can count on that.

I have seen some docs going back to where they are accepting fees for services. More affordable, but not cheap, fees. Maybe the answer is to eliminate the middle man, the insurance companies or the government, who have no vested interest in your health. You know now, how insurance companies are managing your healthcare, not your doctor. Everything he does or orders has to be within their guidelines, not what he went to medical college and studied.

There are employers who do not want employees with pre-existing health problems, hence your pre-employment physical. And you thought that was because they want you to have good health. They do…but it is motivated by money, not concern for you.

There is one big frying pan now, the insurance payer plan now, and another frying pan, the government healthcare.

Don’t let the government intimidate you. Get mad. It is your right, and your duty as an American citizen to make them do what is right. Don’t let the media tell you that you are wrong for yelling. Yell. Get mad. You only have one life. This your nation, and you pay taxes. This isn’t about being nice.

There is another answer. More competition. Stop the insurance companies from discriminating against diabetics. Like one told me, “We can’t insure people who didn’t take care of themselves.” Such ignorance about diabetes. I said that a lot of us take good care of ourselves and I was told they have make decisions based on all the people who don’t take care of themselves. One size fits all. Just like you pay more because some drivers in your area drive like madmen.

One size fits all.

There has to be a way to be better than that.

I know that what you say is true about future health insurance not accepting diabetics because of pre-existing conditions. I’m flabbergasted by it because 7.8% of the people in the United States are diabetic. The Insurance companies won’t have any one left to insure.

Insurance companies get away with denying coverage even now… even if you weren’t uninsured. I recently moved from one group plan to another, and I’ve been slapped with a pre-existing limitation that we can’t seem to make them lift even with a certificate of credible coverage… it’s wrong, it’s frustrating, and it’s sucked up a large portion of my free time over the past two weeks :frowning:

What’s even STUPIDER, is that I didn’t even know about the limitation until a claim was denied 3 weeks ago (I’ve been on this plan for 3 months), so I went along seeing my endo team as usual, and now, not only are they not covering that, but I extended the pre-existing limitation from 6 months to freaking 18. Yeah, awesome, right?

Don’t yell, tell!

Yelling divides us as a nation, telling allows us the chance to be heard and can unite us.

Please do not promote fear. No one is proposing National Healthcare. Urging people to get mad is counter-productive to developing a reasoned solution to a difficult problem. Eventually people who yell will eventually be ignored like the boy who cried “wolf!” Then legitimate concerns will be ignored. Do not, repeat, do not yell. Tell your senators and reps your concerns. Listen to their responses. Tell them if their responses are lacking or adequate and let them know you will be respectfully voting for/against them in the future.

Spend some time on

Remember there is not currently ONE bill being considered, there are multiple bills in both the House and the Senate. One of the ways currently proposed to help control costs is to reduce the amounts paid to doctors serving Medicare/Medicaid patients, but it is not clear that this will actually work. Also remember that anything enacted will not go into effect until 2013!!. If we work together, we will have time to improve the legislation.

Please, please, please! I urge you with concern and kindness – Don’t yell, tell!


And those are the ones diagnosed!

Sorry to hear that. That whole “pre-existing condition” thing is just a way to get out of covering us. They think covering us is pooring money down a drain. As one insurance rep told me {and he KNOWS I am diabetic} , “Diabetics get heart disease, lose limbs, lose kidneys and more.” I said, “Gee, aren’t you a ray of sunshine? So you aren’t going to insure women because they could get pregnant and have a baby and you’d have to cover that?”

Sorry you feel this way. The world doesn’t operate on being nice or trying to win personality contests.
And yes, the government IS proposing National Healthcare. Go turn on the TV.

See my blog posting on the healthcare “debate” at


Back atcha!

I will try to keep being nice on the theory that what goes around comes around.

Again, if you are looking at the TV, you are being mis-informed. These days, most TV just reports the extremes. Look at Scott’s response to your post.

Fair Winds,

Exactly, the media isn’t to be trusted.
The media is saying Americans aren’t smart enough to figure out what is good for them.
The elitist, smug media thinks they know better, but they are just mouthpieces for the Left.
Be careful what you wish for.
Once you give up something to the government, you won’t get it back.

Do you really want the government managing your healthcare?
If you have a problem with insurance companies being focused on profits and denying you coverage and treatments, the government will do the same. The politicians want a lot of money in their hands and they won’t give it to you either. They aren’t much different than the CEOs of the insurance companies.

The insurance situation is bad, and while that is a bad situation, do we want to go to a different one?

Again, if you want to insult me, it is not good discussion. You can disagree with me all you want, but if you get personal and make disparaging remarks, that is not discussion.

It’s the same system…if they tax you more for National Healthcare out of your pay, then it’s the same system, and those who don’t work get free healthcare, which they do now. So what changes? If you work, you pay more, but the government will dictate what you get, not an insurance company. So where is the benefit???

Single Payer now. Healthcare should be a right for all not a privlage for the privl;aged.

I started a new job after retiring. Being a diabetic one of the key items to start working for a company is the benefits. I think every American now has to include this as part of any decision process when you decide to work for a company.

Marty, I hear you. I have a job without benefits and my days are numbered on Medicaid. I don’t like being on Medicaid at all.
I cannot find a job right now with benefits, and I even tried to find a second job that would help me afford some kind of a plan. The problem with the basic medical plans is there is no catastrophic coverage or hospitalization.
I had 2 irons in the fire, so to speak, but they didn’t pan out.
I think the key to the whole thing is a good economy. I also think there should not be such an abuse of free healthcare and aid.
When the economy was good, people had great benefits back in the 70s and 80s. You hardly felt the money come out of your paycheck. And the benefits were first rate, covering even vision, dental, and life insurance.

Joe, while I advocate healthcare for all, and I am in a tough situation now, I know that medicine is a business, and the money has to come from somewhere.
If we try to give everyone care, are they going to get quality care?