Insured or do you cover your cost?

The past few years could have been devastatingly costly for me... if I didn't have health insurance. Though I have coverage (costly individual HMO plan available to folks with pre-existing conditions) I'm realizing I may be without should I choose to change jobs.

I've been without insurance in the past....but that was before oodles of meds, insulin, numerous foot problems/surgeries, specialists, various medical tests and now gastrointestinal issues.

I've been looking into available plans in my state, but with a pre-existing condition, few are accesible and the ones that are (what I have now) would be unaffordable without my employer's help. I make too much for state assistence and yet barely enough to cover the cost of my current plan (again, with help from an employer). I'm single and with no dependents. I know I'm not the only one dancing on the edge of this "can I afford it/ can't afford it" precipice.

With all that as a question is how do you manage the cost of your diabetes/health care?

I know how that goes i get Healthy NY… its for people with low incomes but not that low… as far as pre existing goes i had no choice and had to wait a year till it became pre existing… or you can get a letter from your doctor or last insurance to prove that its pre existing… Sucks we live in america and we are dealt a crappy hand from the start but if you were a illegal alien you would have everything including a americans job!

I was speaking with one of the doctors at podiatrist office I go to and he mentioned a discussion he had with a group of other doctors who were wanting to get away from dealing with health insurance companies and instead take patients on a “cash only” basis.
The majority of natropaths in my area work this way…and they’re able to spend more than 8 minutes with a patient.

I have a friend who barters his skills as a computer tech for dental care/work. Are there other people who’ve gotten creative with getting the health care/supplies they need?