Health Net did it again

I went to Walgreen's Pharmacy to pick up my meds. Of course it took 30 min to put a label on my pen needles but that's another story. Instead of 2 boxes (204 strips) they gave me one. Apparently Health Net has decided that testing 6 times a day is more than enough for a Type 1 Diabetic. Let's see, 6 times a day times 30 days would be, hmmm, 180 strips. Oh sorry, 2 boxes would calculate to 35 days and we only give you a 30 day supply. So to be fair we will give you 1 box every 17 days and you can pay $40 instead of $20.
What? How is this fair. Well, we are only the pharmacy and have no control (and also don't care).
This happened with my pen needles a few months ago, which is why I reuse needles. What comes next?
Oh,I see that your pens come 5 to a pack and that is more than a 30 day supply. So we will give you one pen per copay and you can come to the pharmacy 5x per month.

I would like to know what's happening to other Diabetics out there. It just smacks of discrimination to me. What do you think?

I have been through that routine with the pharmacy and it sorta ticked me off too. The answer I found was to have prescriptions written for 90 day supplies. If your insurance will not allow 90 day supplies at the local drug store you can go to a mail order pharmacy where 90 day supplies are the norm. Insurance companies love them because they save them money. Just ask them and they will steer you to one that gives them the best deal. Heck there nothing wrong with saving the insurance company some money it might even help keep you on their good side.

I have never had a problem with mail order pharmacys. My insulin always arrives packaged well and nice and cool. Plus there's a bonus in that you end up with a bunch of ice packs that can be reused again and again. One word of warning if you decide to go this route, always be sure that you or someone you trust is looking out for your delivery. No matter how well it is packaged your insulin will not be OK sitting at your doorstep for a couple of days.

You might even consider a mail order service for your test strips, needles and such. Some of these medical supplies companys will eat the co-pay cost just to get your business but that depends on what kind of policy you have.

I just thought of another option. You might ask you doctor to write your script for more than you need. That way you will get enough to last through the month.

Gary S

Good idea about the 90 day supply. I do that for my dad but hadn't thought of it for me. My doctor did write a script for more than I need but Health Net decided they know more than an Endocrinologist. Thanks for the good suggestions!

I do the 90 day supply too. It has worked well for me. There's nothing worse than someone at the drug store who knows nothing about you or your diabetes telling you can't have a life-maintaining drug. I hardly ever have to go to the drug store now. My 90 day supplies show up at the post office for me (we have a P.O. Box). The postmaster calls me when the shipments come in. Do it for yourself. You won't be sorry. Also, I reuse pens needs and syringes too, for 25 years and have never had a problem.

I think we are treated like slaves or worse