Health Net Sucks

I went to Walgreen’s today to get my one touch test strips and the pharmacist told me my insurance doesn’t cover them.
Yes they do I said.
No, now they cover Accuchek and Touchtell(?).
So it’s Friday and they faxed my doctor. Hopefully I’ll be able to get the new ones Monday but will have to buy a new meter.
Has this happened to anybody else? Pharmacist told me the insurance does this without any warning.


This a change to insurance companies formulary and in many State’s it;s law they have to tell you about changes. Luckly many strip manufactures almost give the meters or some cases they do give them away. As we who actually use meter know they are not all the same. You should probably call the carrier to find out which is the preferred meter. Personally I have lots of meters - all same brand - one in the car - one at the office - one at home and a spare. All were new bought them on ebay new for less than $10 including carrying case and lancet poker… Just an idea if you end up having to buy one. Mik

Thanks. Probably a good idea to have back up meters.

Last time I got my insulin & strips the co-pay had gone up a lot. No notice from the insurance company about anything changing.

And so you walk in the pharmacy expecting to pay a certain amount and find out it doubled or tripled?

Yep. Thankfully, it wasn’t doubled, but still an unpleasant surprise. I asked the pharmacist when there was a price increase. He said price was the same & it was my insurance paying less.

Sometimes it’s hard to know who to believe. And my strips only last 2-3 weeks, how bout you?

I believe him. Sure it’s my insurance coverage. I test a lot & that’s about how long mine last. Feel like I’m at the drug store constantly getting more strips.

Just as reminder!!!

From time to time EBAY will have some awesome deals on diabetic supplies… For a while I got lots of test strips, pokers, boost, glucerna and lancets from EBAY… I would definately question the seller about expiration dates and shipping costs. Some sellers try to sell cheap and screw with outrageous shipping or non combined shipping.

I will be among the gainfully unemployed soon so the insurance thing is really going to be a hassle. Have you personally contacted your insurance and asked what will they cover as far as all your prescribed diabetic needs? This will be good to have so you will informed. I am sorry you have to go through this…


I’m lucky to have insurance. I’m so sorry you are losing yours! The pharmacy told me what my insurance covers now and I’m waiting for the doctor to change the orders.Like you I test frequently, so my strips are getting low but I see the Diabetic Educator today so maybe she can do something for me, don’t know. Thanks for adding me as a friend. It’s good to talk to somebody going through the same things.