Healthy Lifestyle

I recently started using SugarStats and have subscribed so I can use all of the features. Since I’ve decided to drink more water I figured a good way to keep up with how much I drink (approx) would be to put it in my foods list in SugarStats. I just started tracking it today but I had 36 oz of water while I was at work. Woo hoo! Not as much since I’ve been home but I’m working on it.

Which brings me to my next subject, vitamins. I asked my eye doc about a good vitamin to take and he gave me the name of one but it’s a cleanser too. Blink…blink…I don’t know if I want that or not. So I went to Wal-Mart and stood in the vitamin section for about 20 minutes trying to figure out which one I should get. Is generic as good as name brand, is a multivitamin better than taking one vitamin, which name brand is best? I finally left the vitamin isle empty handed. Blah!

And all of that brings me to my last issue, organic. I’ve been thinking of changing my eating habits but where o where do I start? I know I need to read labels because it can say it’s healthy on the front but have a lot of crappy ingredients. So I thought the easy thing to do would be to just buy organic. Wouldn’t it? Nope, here I am again standing in the health aisle of the grocery store surrounded by several brands of organic products. After about 20 mins of trying to figure which one is best I leave the organic aisle empty handed.

Both times I left frustrated and empty handed. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


hi andrea!! i wanted to message you bc i too am a type I black diabetic. i dont know if you notice but that is a rarity. people of color are typically type II. with that said, i read your bio and saw so many similar interests. i am an organic vitamin girl all the way!!! vegetarian. was vegan, considering that life again. but i cant lie, i worry about my carb ratios. hence why i reverted to vegetarian lving. but i hate the way animal based foods make me feel!! so i , like you, am at a dietary crossroad. anyway, sorry so long. just got totally encouraged when i saw a face like mine in a world where we are rare. so please, let me know how your organic quest is going!!! you might have to do a lot of fresh foods to be certian you are in teh organic realm. thats awesome, should help those a1cs…i dont know if it is me or not, but i have noticed when i drink a lot of water (like near 90 ounces), my BG is wayyyyy better. the only problem is drinking all that water!!! argh!!! good luck!! please message when you can., stephanie.

Registered (I thought) for the free SugarStats using FireFox 3 0 3 web browser but the site thinks I did not register. Has anyone run into an issue with the site?

Hi Andrea, thanks for the welcome! Since having kids, I buy mostly organic foods, especially produce, dairy & meat. I heard a news spot that recommended only shopping the outside wall of the store, which really made sense to me. The outside wall has the fresh stuff - produce, meat, (bakery - we don’t count that, unfortunately ) & dairy. Those are the least processed items, so the ones you definitely want organic. Plus you want to eliminate most processed stuff - make your own spaghetti sauce instead of buying Ragu, sort of thing. Then you can buy organic ingredients. I do buy some processed stuff, since I do have kids & I don’t want to spend all day in the kitchen. I don’t worry too much about the organic part of it then, because when it’s overprocessed, as most of it is, you lose anything you might have gained by going organic. On stuff like granola bars or cereal, I look for more than 2g of fiber per 110 calories. At least there’s some redeeming quality to it then, even if it’s not organic. Of course, my family will argue that Pringles & Cheetos have redeeming qualities… When I look at ingredient labels, I want to be able to pronounce everything, understand what it means & see stuff that actually exists in nature - not “natural flavorings” or “FD&C Chartreuse No 3,154,685.” I guess if you boil it down, my general rule of thumb is to try to stay as close to nature as possible. I hope that helps you a little. I know it’s a daunting. As far as vitamins, well, I’m sinking in the same boat as you…