Hearing Loss

So my Hearing was getting bad included a constant ringing worst on my left ear i went to a Ear,nose,throat Dr. they did some tests to my surprise came that my right ear is semi ok but my left is 80% gone the noises or words are not received by the brain then Dr. Said He thinks i have a tumor that is pressing the nerves that connect the ear to the brain so was so scary going to the MRI only to find there was nothing there so we got back to square one there is not an explanation to my loss of hearing but Auditory neuropathy so going to a neurologist for more tests this problem has affected my balance and speech so i am wondering if others have had something simillar.

Headaches specially lower back of the head,ringing very loud,feeling like spiders creeping on your scalp specially on top and pressure on the eye on what ever side of the head is affected mine is the left, also lots of pain on the jaw muscle from the ear to the middle of the bottom lip loss of feeling on that side of the face from ear down.

thank God at least i have an idea of what is cause was driving me crazy.
till the next one with more news.