Doctors Visit Wednesday

Well another trip to the doc, this time it was for my ears AGAIN. They have been stuffed up for a month. Thought maybe it was just from having sinus trouble, BUT, she found a nodule inside my right ear, my hearing has not been good in that ear for sometime. The one word that I never thought I would hear came out of her mouth…CANCER…She said that 99% of the time those things are cancer. I feel like I was hit in the stomach once again. If it weren’t for bad luck I would have none. Oh well, guess we all have to die of something.

wow, how insensitive! What are they recommending as your next step?

Nothing right now, just wait for 3 months and have it checked again.

Hi Beth. I have never heard of this either. I hope that it will not be OK. Is there some way to treat or remove this?

Not sure about that either, I was so stunned, that any questions I could have thought of were gone. When you hear that word everything else just becomes a blur. Like I said I have done some searching online and it all comes back to Thyroid, how that comes to be is beyond me. The nodule is only 2mm but to me that could mean 2". I will find out more when I see her again. It is a hard pill to swallow, but with everything else that is going on well just one more thing to deal with. My daughter lost her job, and I am not working, we just got an eviction notice and I am having to scramble around to find some help in paying our rent for this month, not sure what to do for next month which is just around the corner. So you see I really don’t have time to think about cancer. I will keep everyone posted when I see the doc the next time. Thanks for the concern.