Hears to Hypos!


After all these years, I thought I had encountered every symptom of hypoglycemia. Wrong.

Last week I was sorting laundry and felt fine. Then suddenly my ears popped and I had weird ringing in my ears. I was a little weirded out by this and decided to test. 54. Since then, my ears have been buzzing with every hypo. I kind of like it—it’s like a CGMS alarm but a lot less expensive.


I once got double vision with a hypo. It was pretty cool.


Now that’s strange.

I’ve had hypos where loud noises really startle me. Like someone slamming a car door makes me jump. I don’t like those.

You know it’s probably also a lot less irritating than my Dexcom alarm. :slight_smile:


I’ve had a ringing sound as a symptom (when I get symptoms, that is)!


Sometimes my lips and tongue go numb. Ha! Now what the…