Heart healthy and diabetic friendly

My father, 76, had a heart attack on Thursday which has been a wake up call for me. I vow to lose 60 lbs and stay active from now on. I was just wondering what precautions I should take as a diabetic with diet and exercise to keep me healthy. My grand dad, my aunt, and now my dad have all had heart attacks. Is low carb also heart healthy or do I need carbs? how much exercise do i need? should I take any supplements or vitamins or minerals?


Watching with interest type1 nust came off statins due to side effects. However, mum had recent heart attacks and pacemaker fitted aged 67. Other female family members passed away heart issues in their 50s. Have underactive thyroid,vit d deficient and anaemia too and am mid 40s. Hope your dad ok and yes I would like a answer to re Lchf but medical profession seem divided. Well in uk thetheyt are :grinning:

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Big and important subject! I also come from a long line of deadly cardiovascular events on both sides (one reason my sister’s recent nasty cancer dx stunned the family so badly).

Low-carb (30-35/day) has worked for me, combined with developing what I call a menu of exercise options (fibromyalgia and arthritis demand multiple possibilities) that vary from walks of 30-60" to several different workouts, including sitting yoga and Tai Chi, to 2 vigorous hours in my large garden on a good day.

You will find folks here with a lot of great suggestions! Consider them all and adapt them to your very own personal life. At the top of the list will always be good control of your blood sugar #s—but you know the ways to achieve that are as varied as we are! Keep testing a lot as you experiment with new routines. And keep a good log book/diary of food, activity, the weather—I joke about it a lot, but I swear my #s get goofy in the heat and with too much humidity—LOL!..

I’ll keep following this as we go…It’s scary, but there really are positive, hopeful things for you to try—and lots of them!..Blessings, always…Judith in Portland…


Cocheze. get an appointment and go see a cardiologist. .


for tests or for exercise and diet guidelines?

for a baseline. I saw one 20 years ago after my mother had a bypass. I had a stress test (just a treadmill while hooked up to an EKG)

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I do exercise, recently had a echocardiogram, and refuse to take a statin. My cholesterol number are good. I eat 150 carbs a day. I swim and walk. I am a firm believer in doing your homework so to speak. Setting up goals and plans that are achievable. I would go from CDE ,dietitian , and exercise support like a class at the Y to set my program up. Good luck. Nancy

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