Heart issues and diabetes

I am normally a very healthy diabetic. I weigh 113 (5 ft 0”), eat well and walk a mile a day. Last A1C was 6.4.

Recently, I have experienced what I would cal “heart pounding”. I do not get short of breath, dizzy or experience pain. However, my heart rate drops from 70-80 to somewhere in the 40s when this occurs. I wore an “event monitor” for two weeks; but don’t have the results, yet.

My question is: have any of you had this experience? I am not overly concerned; but knowing how we diabetics are at risk for heart disease- am curious.

Wait for your results.

I have similar heart ‘feelings’, type 1 LADA, my heart condition is hereditary. Mother and two brothers, that I know of, as most of my family does not share medical information, until AFTER I mention my conditions.

I have been told by my GP that as ‘we’ get older, our bodies no longer work like a well oiled machine and all we need to to is: be aware of the changes and consult a doctor when ‘we’ are concerned. All things in moderation.


Thanks. I’ll keep you posted on the outcome of the event monitor.

Thank you, Dave, for sharing the information. I do know that our ‘parts’ wear out with age and I have submitted this body to 75 years already; but I have a hard time “aging down”!