Heel Amputated from diabetes osteomylitus

Hello..I am 52 yrs..- T2 (over 15 yrs)-Live in NJ-and lost my heel Oct 2010. I am still waiting for the wound to close. It has been Very Slow. My Last Doctorts visit--he said I most likely will only need minimal padding. Smile.Can anyone else relate? I am wondering how well i will be able to walk-without limping- and for how long each day. This has been extremely difficult. Thank you all.

I had the other end of my foot -- the big toe -- amputated for the same reason. Recovery was an ongoing hassle for 4 years. I also had severe neuropathy and muscle degeneration and could not walk for a while. Nevertheless I was prescribed huge big shoes that my puny legs couldn't even pick up off the floor. I concentrated on getting my blood sugar down to the low 5s, where it has stayed. I ended up losing the top of another toe and was having problems with a third toe. The podiatrist kept insisting my shoes were causing the problem, I felt the infection was inside my foot. To cut to the end, after 8 big bulky boots, a bout with Charcot, and the podiatrist's plan to put a steel pin in my toe, I accidentally missed one of my appointments that routinely happened every two weeks. They never rescheduled. Now it's 6 months later and my toes are totally healed. I stopped wearing the prescription shoes and bought a pair of Ecco sandals that let the air get to my toes. They are happy. I am happy. I walk with a limp, but that's because of the neuropathy, not because my foot is shaped differently. And I'm totally happy to just be able to walk, so it doesn't bother me. I'm a little older -- 65 -- if I were in my 40s I'd be whining about not being able to do things. At this age I don't care. I've found plenty to do. Whatever you do, work hard to keep your blood sugar low so your wounds will heal faster. I do low carb religiously and that works for me. While I was living half my life at the podiatrist's office I saw lots of people come and go with parts of their feet missing. The only people who seemed to be adversely effected were folks who were pretty hefty (with or without diabetes) who had a hard time getting around under any circumstances. Aside from keeping your blood sugar under control, it really helps mobility a lot if you can keep your weight down. I know, the two simplest tasks in the world, right? I can't walk well enough to get much exercise that way, so I joined a health club and do water aerobics and chair pilates with the most fun group of seniors I've ever met. This has been a benefit to me both physically and emotionally. I totally appreciate the difficulty you're going through and those you still face. Just don't let it get the best of you. XOX

I am doing my best Not to let this get the best of me. It has been extremely difficult. Thanks for sharing your story and for your emotional support. My last A1C was 5.9...Yeah Baby..getting this Bad Boy under control...I am determined to get my life back. Thanks again...joe

Way to go, Joe!