A little about me


i am 37 years old and a female. i got diabetes when i was 7. i did not take very good care of myself so therefore i had evrything go wrong with me as far as my diabtes goes.i had about 33 lazer surgries and cateracts remove from both eyes. in 2000 i had total kidney failure and had to go on disysis. i was on it a total of 3 years. i got on a transpalant list in august of 2001. in janurary 2003 i got the call that they had me a new kidney and pancreas. i have done very well with the transpalnt ,i am no longer a diabetic but i still ahve all the damage that i had gotten eariler. in september of 2003 i had my left heel ampuated because of a blister that would not heal. that did not help any so in may of 2004 i had the rest of the back part of the heel removed but it was too late. the infection hadgotten into the bone and it was up past my heel. so in july 2004 i decided to have my leg amputadtes.i have done well with my artifical leg buti have skin breakdowns alot. i am waiting on a new leg as we speak . so thanks to good doctors and God i am alive a well todday.


Your blood sugar seems to be under control with such a great A1C


yes since my trnsplant things are great.how are you?