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Hello all & thank you for the invite to what looks like a great group of people supporting each other. My name is Bryan, and I have a 7 year old daughter that has had type 1 since she was 17 months old(I also have a 16 yr old and 12 yr old who are perfectly healthy). It has been a tough 5 1/2 years but is getting easier. She was put on the Mini-Med pump about a year ago and we are finding out it is making life so much easier and manageable. I will be posting my story from day 1 on this site or you may check for it soon on my new Juvenile diabetes blog - “The Trials of Raising a Diabetic Child” I have just started on this blog, so it will become better fairly quick.I am also a Juvenile Diabetes advocate and fundraiser for the JDRF donating a percentage of my website sales towards Juvenile Diabetes Research. The website is at www.santabuddy.com and is also aimed towards children.
Thanks again and I hope to get to know everyone better.
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Hi Brian. It’s great to have you here.

Nice to meet you!

Thank you vey much…glad to be part of it.


You too…thank you


Welcome Bryan,
I also have an almost-seven year old daughter who was diagnosed at the age of three, and I also have two more children who do not have diabetes at this time.
We started using MinMed 522 pump in the beginning of this year. I have to agree that since then it has been so much more easier!
I am a JDRF and ADA advocate as well, so it looks like we have a lot in common :slight_smile:

Thank you Kseniya,

We have been using the 512 pump for a little over a year and our biggest problem has been trying to get her to change site locations from the belly to the backside with no luck. I don’t know why she is so scared ad complains that it hurts so bad where ever we put it. I have placed it on myself in the same spots on the backside just to get the feel of it, and besides a little “sting” at first, it seems more comfortable and hidden than the tummy. Mabe its the sting that turns her off from it, idk.

Good luck with the pump!

Pray for a cure
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We had the same issue with our daughter. She totally refused to use anything but stomach area for her pump for the longest time. (The funny thing is that when she was on the shots, she would only use arm/leg areas).
We ended up bribing her into letting us try the backside. It took a few weeks to talk her into it, but once she let us use it, she now won’t use any other sites!
I also found that we had less issues with insulin delivery on the backside. Perhaps because we don’t have any scar tissue there yet…