Our beautiful 2 year old is a type 1 diabetic

I have joined this site as my son is two years old and we found out 8 months ago he had type 1. As you do you search the net for answers and this site always comes up this is all new to me so i don’t know how ill get on. One thing ive learnt is that you learn the most from other people going through the same or what my baby goes through.
If i can learn something about this ill give anything a go or if i can help someone else aswell.
Thankfully he copes with anything that is thrown at him and through everything always finds a smile .It is that smile that keeps me going!!!

So sorry. It will be difficult but he can do it. Read the BLOGS,the FORUMS. There are many many groups…check them carefully. I know there are some for parents with children who have Type. I know you will find good information and support. My best. REED

hello mom, please take a look at this Group

http://www.tudiabetes.org/group/parentsofkidswithtype1we are here to help you with any questions, problems, or if you just want to vent.

sorry I messed up the link


Your post really touched me, my son was the same age when he was diagnosed, such a difficult time. You are smart to join a group like this, support is always good. My son is 8 now and doing very well, IMHO the best thing we did was finding a way to maximize the flexibility with eating by going to multiple shots a day with humalog and lantus and eventually to the pump. It really let him eat like he wanted to especially when he was so little. All the best.

thankyou. He is on four injections a day at the moment and is due to go on to the pump end of january. Hopefully this will help stabalise his levels,which at the moment are so unpredictable. Have heard good good good about pump so feel this is the way forward just worried of how young he is…but we can not continue as we are with so many hi readings.