Hello all

I see from my personal inbox some of you have welcomed me. I have not posted yet so I am not
really sure how you knew I was here LOL.

I am 51, diagnosed with T2 in 2007, I am on metformin, Lantus and Novolog. My control is probably like most, some good days, some bad days, some horrible days. :o)

I am on a low carb diet, my exercise is mostly walking and weight lifting.

I am a member of some other forums, but I have not found the right fit yet, I hope I found it here.

This site is a lot different than the others set-up wise so I have to learn how to use it. Please be patient with me while I learn.

Hi She Ra and welcome! The administrators know when a new person joins and they send out a welcoming committee. Kind of like the neighbors who see you moving in! Yes, TuD is a pretty complex site, especially for those of us who are technologically challenged but it is also an AMAZING site. After two years I no longer go to any other one. Lots of PWD’s, both Type 1 and Type 2 as well as family members. Lots of knowledge and support. Feel free to ask questions, and out of our 19,000 members, someone or many someones will have great suggestions and experience to share!

Wow, a welcoming commitiee is awesome! I hate to see members join, say hello, and get no responses…

Glad to meet you Zoe!

You too!

Welcome She Ra!!! How do we know your here we go to member’s and see the latest that have joined our family. I think of this as a big family some agreeing some not (you know how family’s are right?) I learned this site right after it came to be and I have trouble with FB. Take your time,. Get a cup of coffee, kick back relax, and enjoy it here with us! If you have a question just ask if you have an answer on our forum express it. We’re all here for you anytime!

Hello and Welcome!! Glad you are here :slight_smile:

Hi She Ra. I’ve been a member for about 18 months and have learned so much! Welcome!

Welcome aboard you will love it here.

You will learn She Ra, this is a great place, once you get the hang of it. Welcome aboard. I don’t always feel that comfortable with the other site either. It used to be much different than now. This site is friendlier, without all the advertisements and clutter. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

hi She Ra, if you click on “Members” on the top banner, you will see all 19,000+ members of TuDiabetes in the order they joined, with the most recent first. When I joined there were about 2,000. that was three years ago. We are always glad to have members welcoming new members, you don’t have to be on any special committee. like Richard says, you’ll figure things out quickly here. I hope you like it here, I know it’s really helped me out a lot.

Thanks Richard! I am surly looking for friendly. I was very happy to see you here!