Another newbie on the block

Hi there everyone

My name is Anita Type 2 since April 09 diet & exercise control

Thank you for accepting me into this group
I hope to learn more about my condition & help to support others too along the way.

Looking forward to getting to know some of you soon see u in the forum. :).Delete Comment

Welcome Anita. So glad you joined the community. I do hope you will find the family supportive, informative and fun too. I’m also a type 2 and would love to hear from you =)

Hi Teena
Good to hear from you, i hope to have some fun too in here.
May i ask how long you have been type 2 & are you diet control too?

Oh we have a lot of fun here too! Stick around and you will see, LOL. Been a type 2 for more than 2 years now…and managed by oral meds, diet and exercise.

I’m still getting my head round things but my bg’s are well controlled
Just cruising through the forums now lol

Welcome to the community, Anita. Happy you found us!

Thank you Gerri
Good to see you :slight_smile:

Your A1c is fantastic! Congratulations on your hard work.

Welcome Anita- This is a great community. Lots of friendly people with good ideas and help to keep you on track with your diabetes.

Hello and so gald to have you here! There are some really nice and supportive people on this site. Wish you well.

Welcome Anita!!! Glad you joined! :))

So glad you are with us! Welcome!