Hello Friends

Hello friends,
I am L.Guruprasad residing in Tamil Nadu in India. I was diagnosed with Type-1 diabetes two years back when i was 16. I am on insulin from. Now i take Actrapid Novolet and Insulatard Novolet which are low quality insulins but still very expensive in India. My latest A1c level is 9.9. I reside at hostel now for my college education. Please tell me the do’s and don’ts for people likwe me.

Hi, welcome to Tu Diabetes :slight_smile:

It sounds like it’s hard to have diabetes in India. What support do you get from doctors? Do you have an endo? Are you aware of carbohydrates, and the effects of exercise on your blood sugar levels?

Do you have a BG meter?

How do you feel about your 9.9 a1c?

Lots of questions, sorry!

Thanks for replying to my post.I have decent and kind doctors. I’m not fully aware of carbs and effects of exercises. Yeah, I do have a BG meter but testing strips cost quite a bit. My doc says 9.9 isn’t bad enough but not good either. He asked me to aim for Hba1c level very close to 7.

Hey Welcome to Tu Diabetes… It really sounds like over in India it’s hard being a diabetic. I am a Type 1 too only here in the U.S. I really don’t know what to tell you about care. I took Diabetes when I was 10 and now am 44 just check your bs and eat right alot of freash foods grown in a garden no package foods and lots of exercise. Good luck!

Lantus is now available in India. Talk to your doctor about it. You should be able to get a good basal pattern going. i also added a link to a great e-book that has nutritional information and suggested diets for those following Indian food habits. Get that A1C down below 7!