Hello,i,m new here

Hello every one
i just joined a few days ago,and haven’t felt like introducing my self.
Here goes, im 67 married far a while,i have 2girls and 1 boy by a first marriage.
things lately seem to be going in the wrong direction.
almost 2 years ago i was told i had type 2 diabeties,i had been doing pretty well at first…
but now so many other things has been croping up,i have a thyroid problem,a growth in my throat, sometime
i can’t talk far it ,there trying to get it under control.
i am going to a pain mangement clinic to get shots in my back,i have one more treatment,
i have had horrible pain in my legs far years,they thought it was because of my back so i had back surgery,
didn’t help,just standing up was so painful,so i started staying home all the time.
but with the shots they have really help.now i am having cramps in my legs so bad at night that i can’t sleep.
i have amyotrophy ,its a type of neuropathy in the legs from diabetes,it cause pain and weakness in the legs
my poor hubby has to do all the shopping,he holds down 2 jobs.
well thats all far now, thanks far listing
God Bless

Thank you for sharing your story with us, Eunice. We’re glad that you are here!

A lot of us here have more than just diabetes to take care of. I know, it can get get us down oftentimes. If you do feel your troubles to getting into you, do remember this–There are about more than 9000 of us here in TuDiabetes ready to listen to you. But most especially, you have a wonderful hubby taking good care of you…

“One word frees us of all the weight and pain of life: That word is love.”


Welcome to TUDiabetes Eunice! We are a very good shoulder to lean on. Folks here are great support and some are going through similar situations as you. If you go to the group section you may find one that comes close to your situation and you could join it for support. Otherwise just keep coming here and we’ll all chat from time to time.


Welcome to Tudiabetes! We have all felt the same from time to time. You have come to the right place! God bless! And visit here often. We’ve got your back!

– Jill