I am so very sick of this

Pain and feel like crap mentally and physically everyday. It seems like others do as well, but I am just not cut out for this.

So sick of suffering.

Yup, feeling sorry for myself. Congratulations, Sherlock.

Seeing a new therapist to see if that helps. Hope so…

As a type 1 for 52 1/2 years, with side affects of retinopathy, neuropathy, Ed, etc. I am proof that one can learn to live with almost anything. But some understanding friends really help. Join the group, “Lean on me.” We’d be glad to have you.

Welcome to the community! You will find people on here willing to listen and help in the time of need! Here’s a link to the group"lean on me" as mentioned above. There are many understanding people here =)

We’re here for you. Feel free to spew forth your frustrations. I’m not sure anyone here would claim they were “cut out for it.” You’re certainly in good company here.

Dear John.

Ya I can sympathized with your feelings. My brother was dying from diabetes with his feet roting off from the resulting gangrene. He was still cheerful and positive. He did not even believe in the afterlife. Some people are blessed with a lot of seratonin and seratonin receptors others are not. I have had it with the constant feeling of hopeless fatigue but otherwise feel somewhat cheerful.


You are joining a very non-elite club! I am in constant pain due to a lot of other stuff too (besides the diabetes). Believe me, it wears on you … both mentally and physically. It’s true, the strain of a lot of pain can not only increase your BG numbers, it can also contribute to depression. In turn, depression can contriute to your BG numbers!

It’s HELL and I don’t want to be here. But I guess I have NO choice. It’s in my body and not terribly likely that it’s going to be irradicated. Each day is a new day and I can chose to face it one of two ways: Either not accept the situation for what it is or to accept it and make the best of it. Make lemonade if I have to!

We’re here for each other. In fact, I STILL need some positive mental attitude development support. Just the other day, I had some really disappointing news and went on a weekend eating binge that did nothing to keep my A1c down! It wasn’t necessarily eating TOO MUCH, but WHAT I ate. Cake and sugary frosting, pasta, garlic bread. Oh stop! I’m getting hungry for them all over again!!

Well, just write when you feel like it and visit my home page if you want to leave a message that I’ll be sure to notice. My home page is no great shakes because I am not a techno geek. Am barely getting by now!!

Lois La Rose, Milwaukee, WI

Naw, it’s okay to be mad at it. I agree. You are not alone. That is why I am exercising like mad, because I can vent the anger. I am eating low on the food chain. No worms yet.

Get mad - that means you still care and are not giving up. It’s when you don’t feel anything that you have to worry. You’ve come to the right place to get mad with all of us!

No one is cut out for this - we all manage.

We talked about depression on last week’s podcast (http://www.SweetTalk.org) - although I consider myself a pretty upbeat person, I went through a 5-6 year period of non-compliance and denial and just not caring.

When I got mad, it helped me to get back on track.

Good luck, John. We’re all here for you.

Hi John,

You’re allowed to feel sorry for yourself. I don’t believe for one second anyone who claims they don’t harbor “why me” & denies being depressed over diabetes at times.

If you find someone who’s cut out for this, send them my way because I want to learn the secrets. Other than a cure, what we all wouldn’t give for just one day to live like a normal person without having to deal with diabetes.

Hoping you’re here for support, encouragement, & to also be able to take better care of yourself. Wealth of info here, in addition to people who understand how you feel.

Noticed on your page that you’re not taking meds. Is that right? Don’t how you wouldn’t feel bad mentally & physically without this.


Welcome to a great community. I’m rather new her myself, but have gotten a tremendous amount of support. This is not a fair disease and I feel for you. Some days I do everything that I’m suppose to do and feel like crap and have high numbers. It’s frustrating as hell, but I just push on because I refuse to let this disease control me. My best defense has been the knowledge I’ve learned since being diagnosed in 8/08. When I get down and feel like crap, I tell myself to be like Nike and just do it.

Why do people fall into the “why me” syndrome? They should ask "why not me?’ We all who have diabetes have screwed around with something to get this dreadful disease. It is a consequence of an imperfect body telling us “so there!” Take that and that and that! Well now, we have to live with it for the remainder of our God-given days.

Hi Barbie,

I don’t think I did something to bring being a Type 1 on myself. What do you think you screwed around with to have Type 2?

Dear barbie.

To avoid diabetes we should not have been born.

Hi John,

Been there, done that.

Depression and type two diabetes are linked. I am doing well because I fought depression and diabetes as if my life depended on it. There’s no reason you can’t do it also. As if the depression and diabetes weren’t bad enough, I developed fibromyalgia soon after I recovered from the depression. Fortunately, the lessons I had learned in overcoming depression helped me tremendously in battling the diabetes and fibromyalgia. You can’t win if you don’t fight it. Am I saying “give up”? Not hardly. You never know how much fight you’ve got in you until you give it all you’ve got. You’ll find out soon, that you have a lot more fight in you than you think. Poke around my various posts and you’ll see that I was not always, “Mr. Peachy”. In fact, just five years ago, I was Mr. Doom and Gloom. Pulling oneself out of this isn’t easy, but considering the alternative, it’s not impossible. You just have to motivate yourself. The first step is believing you can do it. I can help you with that… I know you can do it.


I can answer that myself. Lots of times, we as T2’ers are chastised by doctors, research, and the like that if we had just watched our weight and diet or not let ourselves become sedentary, we could have prevented this. Many of us were prediabetic, and yet, we are still here. I know that causes me some guilt everyday, but then again, reasonably, I know that my genetics were doomed from the day of my birth. So, I feel as a T2 that once was prediabetic, and gestational before that, that I should have done something more to prevent my eventual diagnosis.

Barbie, it’s important to remember that there is substantial evidence to disprove the theory that Type 2 diabetics bring it on themselves.

And many of us here (like myself and Gerri) are Type 1 diabetics who have to face this mythology and prejudice everyday when no medical authority has ever pronounced it our “fault.” I was a happy, healthy little ten year old when my pancreas failed due to some unknown autoimmune malfunctioning.

So, I think we’d all agree that we should grant those who need it a little “why me” now and then. Besides, beating ourselves up when life is already harder due to diabetes seems hardly worth the trouble.

So beautifully said, Melissa!

How do you know that you could have done anything? As soon as it was obvious( drinking and urinating in ridiculous amounts) that I had diabetes I studied everything I could borrow on diabetes lost 85 lb and never could get my BG into the normal range. Now my pancreas is dead I am very insulin resistant and it will take a miracle to survive. Althought I did buy a critical tens years of life under dificult conditions to finish raising the kids.

This is the attitude that makes people ashamed of being diabetic, and not willing to do all the things they need to do to keep their diabetes in check.

I can assure you that my diabetes was genetics. All my Grandparents, and my parents are type 2 diabetics. Every one of them. Plus I had PCOS from the time I was fairly young. Most women with PCOS go on to develop diabetes. Is PCOS their fault as well?

There is no need to blame anyone for their diabetes. If it was only how we ate, or exercised, why can my one friend’s diet consist mainly of carbs, sugar, and crap, and at 55 she has no health problems, and not be diabetic?



Diabetes isn’t an eating disorder and it isn’t caused by by poor food choices. Even if I’d lived on nothing but soda, candy, vitamins and denial, I couldn’t have given myself diabetes. Now I live on nothing but protein, low carb veggies, and a few nuts and cheeses. It really sucks. Sometimes I feel sad about this and it’s okay.