Hello, there!

Hi, Everyone!
I’m new here and just thought I’d say ‘hello’ and introduce myself:
I’m T1, diagnosed about 18 months ago when I went into DKA while 5 months pregnant with my twin sons. It was a pretty rough time for a while but now we are all doing great. I’ve been pumping for almost 2 months (mm paradigm 523) and I love it!
I’m the only person I know with diabetes so I’m so glad that there’s a community like this!
Thanks so much for existing!

Wow, I can not even imagine what you and your babies must have gone through. Glad to hear you are all doing good. My son is 13 and a type 1. Welcome!

I sounds like you really went thru a terrible time when you were Dx’ed. So glad things are going OK for you…Welcome to the DOC, we are glad you joined.

Welcome aboard! this is a great place for those of us that don’t know any other diabetics! everyone here is great and if you have questions, just ask! someone will be there for you!

Hi Grumpy, welcome to the group! And congratulations on your twins! Feel free to use these forums to ask questions, do research, or just vent your frustrations. You’re bound to find lots of people who can relate to you here…

Welcome to the family, Grumpy! Plenty of information and help available. So search, read, ask but most of all, connect with others who are dealing with diabetes

Thanks for the warm welcome, everyone! So far, this is the most friendly online community I’ve ever experienced. :smiley:

Welcome and thanks for sharing your story! This is a great website.