Anyone have 2 kids with diabetes?

Does anyone else have 2 kids with T1?

YEP, me, i do, right here. 2 daughters, there are actually a few of us with multiples that are on this site. My girls are 19 months apart in age, and they were diagnosed 10 months apart, younger first. Do you have 2 with D? or 1 and worried about the others? you can ask me anything, or just send me a message if you need to talk.;

I don’t, but my mom does, lol. Me and my younger brother. I was dx @ 16 (now 34) and he was dx at 24 (now 28). My older brother, so far, has been spared. We were both dx past what might be helpful to you though…

Yup! I have two type 1 kids, 6(dx at 2) and 13(dx at 11) I am also Type one. I feel understood just knowing we aren’t alone.
I write daily things about them and my crazy house full of Type one’s. How are you coping?

my parents do too

I have 2 daughters with D. My 2nd one was diagnosed 3 months ago. She wasn’t 3 years old yet. I’m afraid to put her pump on because she is so small. My other one was 5 years old when she was diagnosed. It’s a BIG difference. How old were your daughters when diagnosed? It’s so much harder having 2 diagnosed, isn’t it? I have one more daughter that is a twin of my older D daughter. She doesn’t have it (yet).

My girls were 6 and 9 at diagnosis, I can’t imagine trying to deal with D when they are still so little. I think for us the 2nd diagnosis was more heart breaking than hard. Our younger of the 2 was diagnosed first, she is now almost 8, and her diabetes is so much more difficult to control, our oldest was just diagnosed 3 months ago as well. Her numbers are so much more stable and because she was a bit older it was easier to adjust. the first month was a bit overwhelming as i was trying to grow my second D brain. i am always afraid that i am going to mix up their numbers and tell them the wrong doses. We also have 2 younger children with no D, and so far neither are positive for autoantibodies (we are in TrialNet). As they get older having 2 in someways will get easier. I know that it has made things more tolerable for the younger D girl, to have someone who knows exactly what she is feeling. It helped her not feel so singled out. It also has made things easier with sports. if anything ever happens we know that they have eachother to step in.
We also aren’t on a pump for either of them, we are waiting for the new “patch pumps” that are supposed to hit the market in the next year. We are using a dexcom on the younger though, and that has taken away a lot of stress and anxiety for us.
i think for us one of the hardest things is that we second guess ourselves a lot. My husband and i wonder what we let our girls be exposed to that may have contributed, and what should we change to keep the other 2 from getting it. I know it is silly to think that way, but we aren’t alwyas rational as parents, ESPECIALLY when it comes to our kids.
For us it is getting easier, D doesn’t quite dominate every thought anymore, but then there are still hard days where it is all so overwhelming, and i wonder whose life i just woke up in! Hnag in there, and you can email me whenever you want. It helps to have someone to talk with that doesn’t need to be given a D education everytime you need to debrief!

My parents do, me and my two sisters. All three of us were diagnosed about 1959 and we’re all still alive and well. Our ages at diagnosis were about 3, 9, and 12. Not sure how my mom managed, must have been hell for her, but she’s still alive and 87years.

oh wow. as a mother of a type 1 - that breaks my heart to think that you would have multiple children dx. l cannot believe Franco that you were all dx in the same year?! omg. its a strange disease. congrats for managing and kudos to your mum :slight_smile:

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For families with more than 1 D kid it actually is not uncommon to have them dx’d close together. it is what is giving more weight to environmental influences over just genetic. My girls were dx’d 10 months apart, and i know several families whose D kids were dx’d less than a year apart. Our docs think the girls were exposed to the same environmental triggers. Just goes to show that there is a lot to this disease, and we still are missing some big peices to the puzzle!