Im new to this group.. I have been on the one touch ping for about 3 months, just wondering if anyone out there has basal such as mine (30 units/daily) or any new users who just wanted to chat.. This site is great! Hope everyone has a good morning -from NJ ;)

Hi Alison and welcome. No my basal is lower, around 11, but congrats on your new Ping. I've been on mine since 1/11 and I love it. Glad you survived the learning curve!

Hi Alison! Welcome to the group! I'm new-ish to the Ping as well (I was MDI for about 23 years, pump about a year). My basal's a bit lower at the moment, but we're still working on getting that all figured out!

Welcome. I have had my Ping for 4 years this month and my basal is about 50 units/24 hours. Depending on activity, I sometimes set it lower when I am very active. Pump programming is not an exact science. Do not get frustrated. Be ready for HIGHS and LOWS. Discuss an EMERGENCY PLAN for both ups and downs. Keep your e-kit close by and assure all near you know where it is and that very trusted ones know how to rescue you if necessary.

Hi Allison ~

I hope you will learn to love your Ping as much as I enjoy mine. No More seven shots per day and FAR better control. My basal is about 32 units per day. I usually take 15 to 20 units per day for bolus insulin with meals and for correction. My endo says it should be about 50-50, but I am not there. I try to eat a low carb diet, and that has worked out for me pretty well.

I think you will experience some highs and lows, and you will need to treat them accordingly. As Jay said, have something to correct with you. I carry glucose tabs. Others like candy or some other fast acting glucose source. Highs and lows happen to all of us, but once things are adjusted properly, you will have fewer of them.

Most of all, don't give up on the pump. I wouldn't want to go back to MDI after having it. If you ever have a question or want to talk, I'll be happy to listen and wouldn't mind getting to know you.

Be well.

Brian Wittman