Hi everyone
I’m new here and just wanted to say hello and share my story. My Daught er, Alisa, passed away from complications from Diabetes. She struggled for many years and on July 21st, one from from her 28th birthday she died.This all stemmed from her trying to manage her weight during high school. What I know now to be Diabulemmia. I don’t have Diabetes but I have lived it for the past 16 years in ways that I hope others will not have to. Please feel free to ask any questions. I want to take this experience and share it with others.

I'm very sorry for your loss and your daughter's sadness.

Truly so sorry for your loss...And thank you so much for your gesture and intentions. I am sure that you will be able to help a lot and your experience-sharing sincerely appreciated.

Teri, I'm so sorry you lost your daughter. How wonderful that you are here to help other from your experience! We do have a Diabulimia Support group here.
If you're inclined at some time, please blog more of your story. I'm sure it would be useful to others. Welcome to the TuD family!

Thank you so much for the welcomes! I wanted to blog more but it’s so sad I wasn’t sure if the ugly truth of what this disease does would be to much for some. My story is long and painful but if it helps one person live than I have done my job.

Welcome to the community, Teri. I'm terribly sorry to hear about Alisa, but really glad you've joined us to share her and your stories, and hopefully help others and yourself in the process. Diabulimia is definitely a terrible issue in the diabetic community, and particularly among young women (not surprisingly). I look forward to your participation here, and learning more about your experiences.

Teri, if people choose not to read it that's fine. Please blog whatever you think is useful!

Hi Terry, I am so sorry for your loss. Welcome to the family, hopefully we can be as much of a support to you as you are to us.

Teri- So sorry for your loss. We appreciate your wanting to share your daughters' story, sad though it may be. We hope it brings support to others who are finding themselves in that position. I am sure you know she is at peace. With much love.